Enhancement Requests

keyboard shortcuts missing in v8.02robert@softdev.net2016-11-28 03:39:13
Useful speed limits8Erik Sperling Johansen2016-01-15 11:29:10
Prefetch queue child items1Erik Sperling Johansen2016-01-13 13:38:27
Amazon Cloud Drive2karlsen2015-11-04 16:55:35
Bring back the disconnect button.3BobPeters612015-06-08 13:33:41
more userfriendly keepass integration3d-p2015-05-13 11:20:42
Change calculation of workers1Matt-2015-02-15 06:28:40
Editor feature: Find & Replace on selected text2wagnerlip2014-12-09 14:08:08
Tutorial on Schedule Transfer to Folder3hershel2014-10-01 04:17:56
Openstack / Rackspace Cloud Files Support2npiaseck2014-09-04 13:47:42
Not pleased with V6 - Provide Option for V5/Classic Layout5cognecy2014-07-10 23:28:41
Ability to create right-click server commands items to send to server.2J. Scott Elblein2014-06-25 12:51:43
Right-click -> Move File(s)2J. Scott Elblein2014-06-25 12:44:45
Editor options in version 62Pastoweb2014-06-16 18:04:27
Collapse all folders (button or hotkey)2degenerate2014-05-23 23:53:51
Reload button to replace Refresh button (user choice)3Purgatory2014-05-21 23:29:09
Settings Documentation1JBottcher2014-05-13 14:18:12
[v6] File Permissions Panel2Belazor2014-05-02 19:25:04
Perfecting Size In Bytes2JedimindhaX2014-02-22 22:45:43
Syncronize Favorites between multiple PC?2Drako772013-12-29 08:26:24
Transferred Report2Seah Kam Fei2013-12-10 03:00:53
Open file location/destination folder from transfer queue2sesam2013-11-28 20:41:50
Bulk Rename - Recurse Subfolders?2irvkatz2013-11-05 17:36:44
Add a reload/refresh button when viewing a file1Obliterator2013-10-31 17:54:14
Pageant support2blurred_vision2013-10-28 20:17:16
Text editor feature2sneskid2013-10-21 18:51:22
Edit file on Double Click3Lucas Bustamante2013-06-18 00:00:35
Visual Compare tweak2Clare2013-04-10 10:23:08
FTPS TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support4eiji-gravion2013-02-10 21:09:13
Allow Cloudfront Invalidations for S3.1Simon Keating2013-01-30 13:52:19
special feature "Allow SCP fallback"§2ctech2013-01-22 22:05:43
better focus handling, and byte size7tedych2013-01-13 19:03:20
Multi Upload - Add Favorite Site Folder3bdam2012-09-28 14:00:52
Allow ability to Acknowledge Image Resizer install / issue1acollis2012-09-24 22:38:16
Full Screen Text Editor1Brad Konia2012-09-05 18:05:59
Auto-Indent Closing Braces in Text Editor1Brad Konia2012-09-05 17:10:04
Auto-Resize Tabs and Tab Names2Brad Konia2012-09-05 05:36:57
Upload from Text Editor Tab1Brad Konia2012-09-05 05:27:14
Cluster SSH2Seb333002012-08-26 20:21:45
Sort by Date/Time Modified in Local and Remote Browsers2Jim Clark2012-08-04 05:16:57
The problem with encoding windows 12512fav2012-06-08 19:47:22
Preview R code3ric1232012-02-08 14:05:20
a few things3RyGuye452012-02-07 16:40:38
Ability to move tab5Stanislav2012-01-28 11:37:30
Quick Sort for Transfer Queue2efxi2011-09-06 18:18:10
synchronized terminal and folder browsing1PaulPreibisch2011-08-25 07:16:43
Top level folder for local views1sneskid2011-08-16 02:39:51
Being able to access favourite properties via right click on browser tab2DigitalOutback2011-07-20 09:09:02
Updates1Turkdale2011-07-08 02:36:53
FTPES support3devicenull2011-07-05 19:57:57
Dwolla3mb2011-06-20 10:58:24
Growl for Windows Notifications3tehShane2011-06-10 18:32:29
Ask what do to in case of inaccessible app / fav dir1eyebex2011-05-09 09:46:44
Integration with password managers4iandunn2011-04-30 15:47:55
Visual Compare tweak...3Purgatory2011-04-11 18:34:49
File Filter setting suggestion1cxdone2011-04-11 10:11:41
For read only file suggestion4cxdone2011-04-07 00:28:39
Windows 7 Jump list and Local Browser3nash0r2011-04-05 20:45:09
selected files1echosix2011-02-27 16:58:10
British English4jesus20992011-02-24 13:43:25
Terminal: Add double- and triple-click selection1eyebex2011-02-15 14:04:50
Manual reordering of terminal commands3eyebex2011-02-05 09:14:03
Preview Images6scotman2011-01-13 23:23:04
Add 'Source3Ramzypro2011-01-12 15:03:25
Add folder monitored to scheduler automatically.6tascrafts2011-01-08 20:39:29
change delete file prompt2daXXon2010-11-19 09:38:08
Enable multi part as a default setting16nicw2010-11-12 01:26:43
Improve folder monitoring by implementing delay20CraigBee2010-11-11 16:58:58
Screenshots down2GreyHound2010-11-06 09:22:02
Remote Access2AdamVenn2010-11-05 16:49:51
Visual Compare with Touch instead of MDTM5Alcarnor2010-10-29 10:04:33
Local rules3deity2010-10-21 18:12:29
Resume Uploads2KyleMJohnson2010-10-21 10:19:04
Login Dialog to support drag and drop2biltong2010-09-23 13:38:20
Recursive Mirroring2llbbl2010-09-08 17:07:30
Installer: Desktop Icon Option5meisterkaiser2010-08-02 14:57:31
Little Interface suggestion3cxdone2010-07-28 12:10:00
SmartFTP online backup/sync function4Pastoweb2010-07-23 08:47:38
Idle Timeout Checker1tascrafts2010-07-03 16:28:26
rclick Drag folder menu: "Copy & Monitor"3hlince2010-06-19 14:49:30
External Diff Tool3gaben2010-06-08 16:09:31
Add file exists rule4dezman2010-05-23 15:43:19
Transfer filter3cxdone2010-05-19 03:24:43
Separate Details panel12Monkeyman2010-05-09 10:44:40
Windows 7 Superbar Support5Dennis Alexander2010-05-02 10:27:59
HASH: Transfer Integrity command9ant2010-04-27 03:42:58
Lockstep Folder Navigation2MohammadSJ2010-04-25 19:50:55
Editor improvements5Pastoweb2010-04-12 10:37:08
Website Typo3GreyHound2010-03-30 20:00:46
SSH Terminal Suggestion: Tunnel Support3hlince2010-03-26 01:19:14
Manual time zone override2DrStephenJKrune2010-03-25 16:22:29
Monitor File on Drag and Drop1tascrafts2010-03-18 18:54:30
Launch "SFTP over SSH" from "Terminal SSH" or vice-versa directly4Leeward2010-03-14 07:49:09
New column in Transfer Queue1mrveilleux2010-03-08 08:24:39
Open last used Local when opening a Remote3tveard2010-03-03 21:56:18
Check for New Version6SteveCo2010-02-27 19:14:52
A few requests2Gibbz2010-02-17 05:23:49
Quick access to the current favorite properies3frame2010-02-06 01:19:16
Notification Popup for monitored file updates when minimized3hlince2010-02-02 10:02:27
Encryption of saved passwords / favourites4Lone2009-12-21 04:11:01
Icon to show when scheduler is active1lostangel2009-12-13 18:07:19
Upload & Download Buttons2redpaint2009-12-04 17:46:41
SSH Commands via Secure FTP2bobbravo22009-12-02 16:54:54
PGP Upload Transfer Mode2richpro2009-11-21 21:37:07
Use Scenic ribbon and jump list5Edtech2009-11-13 09:18:09
extra eternal browser box1groupie2009-11-03 13:10:51
New Version Notification/Check1SteveCo2009-11-01 23:55:03
Preview for swf files2TeamGamers.de2009-10-13 09:59:11
Resume a file7richhamilton2009-10-01 08:21:21
Auto Restart slow connections3rlevis2009-10-01 00:55:01
Filter files by date/time2mb2009-09-18 13:10:39
Request Intelligent Disk Cache feature22rrr2009-09-18 05:04:08
Properties and Delete Icons5thewebguy2009-08-26 18:04:39
Rename x64 setup file1Prtik2009-08-18 17:32:03
Setup Request: Start menu - Poll3Prtik2009-08-17 16:00:23
Installer Request: Start menu3Prtik2009-07-08 20:59:50
Don't upload the file if it's being download at the same time1hardipe2009-07-05 14:12:51
Custom extension for not-yet-complete downloads3tunable2009-07-04 19:11:23
Arrow action association1hardipe2009-07-03 12:12:20
Recursive Chmod3hardipe2009-07-01 07:12:15
Colored Tabs and Startup1smeagol1522009-06-19 00:26:23
"The item has been added to the TrQ" notification3hardipe2009-06-06 08:18:57
Version Management & Double click Upload7hlince2009-05-12 13:24:20
Suggested Enhancements2robert barnes2009-05-06 05:41:02
Move Upload & Download Buttons Further Apart!1chivalry212009-04-21 12:21:55
Integrated file editor12Monkeyman2009-04-20 15:33:42
Password protect the program7jamo2009-04-16 16:41:20
Request: support for Windows environment variables3formfab2009-03-05 09:52:21
SmartFTP for Mac3jphalip2009-03-04 09:52:59
a few suggestions2performance2009-02-27 20:43:05
Visual Compare2kencurtis2009-02-26 13:48:00
Amazon S3 Support yet?23U25022009-02-05 00:03:49
file queue teminology and labels2headalien2009-01-30 23:53:54
Better mouseover event support3LWillmann2009-01-27 15:50:40
# of files in a folder4Aolish2009-01-18 21:54:05
Open favorites with one click3nicki4lu2009-01-06 09:25:51
just a progress bar2ivanr2008-12-23 13:13:18
Check for Update Option2SteveCo2008-12-17 15:26:12
Have a sale for SmartFTP4mcdanielnc892008-12-09 05:07:09
A button for "Monitor"1hardipe2008-12-03 18:48:44
Separate Transfer Cues - Up and Down6t_p_paterson@hotmail.com2008-12-03 15:36:20
Transfer speed accuracy3hardipe2008-11-22 13:06:46
Monitor a folder23hardipe2008-11-20 17:08:49
Servers that support max 1 users1camcamnz2008-11-14 00:29:22
TQ duplicates8hardipe2008-11-09 10:41:12
Favourite also loads TQ1hardipe2008-11-09 10:40:01
Visual Compare selection3macknox2008-11-09 07:30:01
Scheduling1hardipe2008-11-01 10:16:37
Office 2007 Theme2dfense2008-10-31 13:57:27
make internal encryption available to filenames and local files2gez2008-10-24 09:13:42
Commands after login2ronobvious2008-10-14 15:26:13
Re-open files being edited1bl4nk2008-10-11 20:58:30
Favorites on Startup3Jabes2008-10-02 12:47:28
A couple of enhancements for SFTP operation3tunable2008-09-26 21:32:34
what's the difference between these two setup files?4leave2008-09-09 13:54:19
Anzahl anstehender Übertragungen1sk902008-09-03 20:25:50
File backup1Ryan J Williams2008-09-02 12:13:21
Connect-To-All3danifer2008-09-02 07:06:26
Single click on remote site5Prtik2008-09-01 08:42:41
Save sources/destinations for Multi-upload on exit21danifer2008-08-25 14:20:34
Option: Do not load remote sites at startip3drjee2008-08-23 12:23:38
Deep file/directory selection in local browser3danifer2008-08-19 12:03:41
Timestamps / Local file conditions on File Exists6danifer2008-08-19 09:45:39
Map Remote Folder Structure to Local Folder structure4psybert2008-08-18 02:31:50
Address Bar Box1sassley2008-08-09 02:35:15
Slaving sites to local directories2g4ifb2008-08-06 01:19:23
FTP site tabs10g4ifb2008-08-06 01:12:36
Save interface settings3Ryan J Williams2008-08-02 14:38:47
Start with Windows and Transfer Queue5Carlospr2008-07-31 16:29:58
Shell context menu and folder sync16Carlospr2008-07-23 14:19:29
Simple Indication that a Transfer is failing.2jalaziz2008-07-23 00:56:43
Adjustable keyboard shortcuts3noxx2008-07-22 06:16:46
Search function4zzzing2008-07-14 04:32:21
Progress bar8biscuit2008-07-10 05:05:48
Multipart Download1Spitfire2008-07-09 14:00:40
Extract Files3Marcus2008-07-08 00:08:58
View incoming files3Brehon2008-07-02 19:35:47
Simple alert on Queue Complete6sequel_communications2008-07-01 19:52:44
Hands off my system4Southpaw0182008-06-25 20:57:12
Action after Queue completes1drmrbrewer2008-06-23 10:49:28
Option to disable animated effects3ZoZo2008-06-16 11:50:10
Transfer Queue for Move and Delete6dfimble2008-06-12 12:50:28
Prevent Uploading of Frontpage Files2henry.fai.hang.chan2008-05-31 09:53:25
"Resume" button on file exists dialogue9halvin2008-05-24 15:20:49
Existing & New File Size Info2avfarci2008-05-21 17:12:45
Force current view mode under Windows Vista6lumulua2008-05-21 16:55:09
ListView Spaltenbreite in Detail-Ansicht7sk902008-05-18 10:38:29
Auto Highlight Permissions in Properties3SteveCo2008-05-16 00:52:18
Filter box5finalewiz2008-05-14 15:39:29
Schedule Frequencies1jasonk2008-05-12 17:44:33
Email Notifications on Failure4jasonk2008-05-12 17:39:03
Feature Request- Colored folders1derik2008-05-08 20:20:16
List Mirrors for queue items1cosmotic2008-05-02 23:22:30
A few small things3Dodger2008-04-26 19:30:33
multipart transfer default12frustr8d2008-04-25 21:12:45
Lower CPU usage3xlp5122008-04-24 15:31:18
Change port for SFTP3xlp5122008-04-24 11:55:05
IDEA: additional feature on file copy conflicts1derkleinemicha2008-04-19 11:10:53
Non-Linear Queue Transfers, Global / Per Site Default / Per Site Thread and Bandwidth, and Remote Refresh Settings3Darc2008-04-17 14:55:10
CHMOD and delete is no longer handled in the Transfer Queue4bramtops2008-04-11 08:55:46
Improve folder navigation2adept2008-04-11 03:21:24
Servers with 1 connections5Pebowski2008-04-06 20:59:04
Change Local- und Remote-Window2woste632008-04-04 11:43:27
I like the transfer queue but....3Ben Buck2008-04-02 14:59:03
Hotkey for file upload.3vitoshabg2008-04-02 09:55:15
SmartFTP for U32ikkezelluf2008-04-01 07:07:31
Easy access to the Default Favorit Settings5Pebowski2008-03-31 07:54:03
Skip the File Exist dialog3Pebowski2008-03-31 07:50:34
Enable Short Tabs1VLM2008-03-26 22:40:09
Vista Like GUI in 3.03spintz2008-03-25 13:35:48
Whats the Mac OsX version like?1tracert2008-03-25 12:44:48
Mapping of a drive letter2titan2008-03-23 15:05:15
Transfer Queue Tabs connection1graphixillusion2008-03-20 13:31:58
Direct Download mix with old Session queue3graphixillusion2008-03-17 13:33:57
Upload: Overwrite if Newer3mehodeltd2008-03-14 23:41:39
x64 version of SmartFTP 3?5jgutierrez2008-03-09 12:57:42
Password encryption2King5552008-03-07 19:21:42
Dropdown click and go1marksalehouse2008-03-03 21:20:42
Upload with doubleclick4Gauder2008-03-03 06:50:53
Upload to multiple ftp servers with one click9danifer2008-03-01 21:00:19
Smartftp and encoders1jarodium2008-02-18 23:47:23
Ability to disable STOU feature for a favorite2mstenz2008-02-12 23:37:54
file exists rule enhancements2mstenz2008-02-12 22:02:50
GridFTP1terryrankine2008-02-01 05:58:16
Remove Expiration2FredFredrickson2008-01-25 09:13:01
multi stream download1layer2008-01-19 23:19:07
2.5 version and binary /ascii transfer3rjf2008-01-03 19:01:41
ask for password2saladin2007-12-31 13:56:31
Auto Update SmartFTP Program3temp3@gavamm.com2007-12-31 01:04:46
More informative tray icon1202552007-12-24 17:46:16
Ignore files/directories list or at least ignore hidden files/directories3Seldaek2007-12-21 22:25:23
File exist rule2adt302007-12-21 21:56:40
Splash Screen2Kittyburgers2007-12-19 05:50:13
Rebase the dll files so as to avoid dll relocation3Coder2007-12-06 17:14:57
SITE UTIME or MDTM or MFMT to set remote file time metadata17markokobal2007-12-04 18:32:53
Shortcut to enable/disable proxy usage2fvboegeld2007-11-29 07:46:45
Apply favorite property mods to current browser2jdchapman2007-11-29 00:00:20
Select All2andyslogos2007-11-26 14:33:45
"Go to superdirectory" to keep focus on the last selected entry3crassvs2007-11-25 11:40:07
A no install version.2opa2007-11-18 18:40:05
Linux Version4Whitey2007-11-13 19:41:58
F5 - Auto Refresh of a directory3atldsl2007-11-07 19:53:42
Click & Go1marksalehouse2007-10-07 21:18:13
Default folder location for uploads1chrisjb2007-09-27 10:03:36
I want use Single click in Remote browser1keyman2007-09-23 01:05:00
"Edit" feature to bypass file filters1oeoj2007-09-19 02:51:00
Multiple File Edit6meridimus2007-09-03 20:56:12
Edit files on the server4bubazoo2007-08-30 16:47:35
Mirror control of directories3Lord_Chaos2007-08-30 14:14:10
Different implementation of temp file on remote server desired2MWF2007-08-29 16:49:09
Defaults3jsampson2007-08-28 16:17:05
Remote Edit Dialog: "Open Again"1hidden_asbestos2007-08-21 14:45:59
to queue up integrity checks3Kukac2007-07-12 06:05:50
Total Files1heka12007-07-11 12:27:23
Transfer Integrity Check: in blocks?2ElTopo2007-07-10 06:31:46
Global Settings changeover - not clear at all4Rikki2007-07-05 21:20:27
programatic downloads with queue2cesarguerrero2007-07-03 10:11:58
General Suggestions/Enhancement Requests1jacky2007-06-22 20:33:51
XCRC/XMD5 small section of the file?1arthurleu2007-06-21 08:01:10
Address Pulldown1dfimble2007-06-20 17:20:51
Please get rid of this10Joey852007-06-13 23:50:53
Window tiling...3svivian2007-06-08 01:20:52
SmartFTP Auto connect from web page link1mikeyb2007-06-07 21:18:42
Remote Edit destroys file permissions1meigel2007-06-06 16:15:24
Suggestion: write to disk in larger blocks2vrapp2007-06-04 04:45:15
XCRC/XMD5 on local files?3ElTopo2007-06-04 04:31:37
Change the default directory listing command2armadillo2007-06-01 18:27:05
Help needed immediantly!1LittleMissSunshinex2007-06-01 16:30:10
Open folders(drives) with SmartFTP1yli2007-05-27 19:06:03
Remote copy-pasting6asdf0072007-05-27 10:37:44
"Context menu" key support3xlp5122007-05-23 14:32:41
Restdauer anzeige1Bruno2007-05-21 11:42:07
Server side editing for multiple files; revisited1nuesken2007-05-20 21:59:06
Thumbnails on remote server14danielgr2007-05-18 09:35:32
Make natural sorting optional2LonelyPixel2007-05-16 10:10:38
Add "Refresh Views" to "On Queue Complete" options2Ryan J Williams2007-05-09 14:34:56
Make auto column sizing work in both views3Ryan J Williams2007-05-09 14:21:38
Enhancement to add folder feature2calidude2007-05-01 09:01:47
SmartFTP lite1ositoquerido2007-04-21 06:39:35
Office 2007 Ribbon: Thank you mb1jgutierrez2007-04-19 20:40:42
ftp on vista3lord davros2007-04-17 18:53:39
Byte counts in local browser2ajbj2007-04-11 08:03:27
SmartFTP schneller starten lassen3Bruno2007-04-10 20:58:48
Multiple edit feature4Prof_Bab2007-03-29 02:46:52
refresh1Jonson2007-03-28 16:51:20
I would like to see color coding of files from version 1.x restored3jeffer2007-03-20 20:40:21
Bug in UTF8 support7clip2007-03-18 22:50:13
Run as a System Service2Noduzz2007-03-13 03:20:46
Names On Tabs2Jairo2007-03-12 01:33:09
Installer Request: Start menu5Prtik2007-02-23 09:38:28
Automated synchronization of multiple sites1nea2007-02-23 02:56:01
keyboard shortcuts2d4ljoyn2007-02-17 18:03:11
Ribbon Interface + Smart Text Editor?5Ring_of_fire2007-01-31 14:07:50
4Bruno2007-01-27 12:07:44
Animiertes Systray-Icon7Bruno2007-01-26 22:12:46
broken filenames and special symbols2Dblmok2007-01-24 15:30:13
Metalink support13twanj2007-01-19 17:33:05
Automatische Zielort eingabe3Bruno2007-01-16 14:17:02
A dum but cool request1ShangTsung2007-01-10 07:56:05
Show favorites in columns1Dialer2007-01-06 12:34:40
SmartFTP Installer Improvements1klumy2007-01-05 20:13:13
Change speed limits for upload/download on the fly3xit2006-12-29 14:41:19
Office 2007 look & feel3jgutierrez2006-12-24 23:39:04
Allow Downloads to be Scheduled Repeatedly1wsbsteven2006-12-12 23:07:04
Copy and Paste1jdarsley2006-12-05 10:41:58
Fragmented Files7jimi13372006-12-04 19:22:11
Queued Upload Interleaving1Heffo2006-11-26 02:35:26
Automatically adding date to downloaded file2srbutler2006-11-25 03:40:07
Rating SmartFTP1Alinutza2006-11-14 21:56:47
colour tags1groupie2006-11-09 12:48:08
Connections Pane / File Column1TheWzd2006-10-28 15:20:05
Organization of local folders as favorites3smartUser2006-10-27 15:52:00
Ability to abort more than one file at a time.1ender2006-10-26 21:25:06
Remote Folder listing not refreshing automatically (mark 2)5Ryan Williams2006-10-26 21:20:33
Set Cache by site, not just global3ender2006-10-26 20:08:36
Use multiple connections on single site7Ryan Williams2006-10-26 01:00:46
Group queue items by site1ender2006-10-25 20:54:33
Show folder properties2hiltongoldstein2006-10-17 21:26:52
Auto-rename and a few features4herculese2006-10-14 06:55:25
Show current DL/UL speeds in title bar1gmichels2006-09-27 03:20:05
What the f... happened to CTRL-B?4svdelle2006-09-20 15:22:40
Suport for Control + C and Control + V2marques02006-09-18 18:58:29
Log size limits1shape2006-09-13 10:09:55
File existing rule.. = =1asdyui2006-09-06 13:00:43
WebDav support ?4solterio2006-08-27 10:04:53
Remote edit7pami812006-08-24 10:10:58
Another request for multipart transfer.2Gldm2006-08-21 08:27:19
not adding more and more options ...1klumy2006-08-20 15:15:46
address/location bar on each tab - should be generally removable1M_Hillebrand2006-08-15 11:19:58
Amazon S32Dani2006-08-14 20:42:59
Default setup files path2cycocrew2006-08-06 08:41:14
filter options4suoperduper2006-08-02 10:27:44
Bad sfv causes infinite download loop4foxyshadis2006-08-01 19:44:16
Option to ignore hidden files/folders when uploading28oeoj2006-08-01 03:03:52
[Minor] Configuration Changes not applied to open remote windows5XNeo2006-07-30 08:22:07
Performance/Priority options1IcyErasor2006-07-29 13:16:49
copy functionality when selecting multiple files1seansan2006-07-26 22:40:28
Simply Stated: Full Synchronization1TokyoJerry2006-07-21 00:57:06
Maintain size of 'Name' column1DavidA2006-07-19 08:49:59
Delete Warning2Lorkam2006-07-18 02:53:06
Close remote browser when opening new Favorite1mewnlite2006-07-14 17:39:57
Misc. suggestions for Custom Commands5eyebex2006-07-13 16:25:47
Right Click Tar/ Compress6rodneymc2006-07-12 20:19:14
Carriage Return / New Line Options6rodneymc2006-07-12 20:15:53
Delay when draging & dropping to queue tabs3eyebex2006-07-05 15:32:56
SmartFTP version for LINUX2docomo1532006-07-03 21:52:02
Favourite stored immediate after adding new entries?2arthurleu2006-06-28 16:36:02
Download Queue traversal setting(s)...3Dani2006-06-27 16:43:21
Automatic Drive Letter Support1desmond-clarkson2006-06-21 04:26:03
Shared Favorates List1littlefrog2006-06-14 15:10:45
Drag and Drop - Local to Remote folders3littlefrog2006-06-14 15:01:45
interface confusion II4whatever2006-06-14 11:49:31
filter1konikula2006-06-14 08:26:17
Recurrent queue timer1ThirdType2006-06-11 17:10:53
Show .. in File lists2jgutierrez2006-06-06 21:57:48
Full row select5jgutierrez2006-06-05 22:10:49
Linux Needs a good FTP Client1AlexC_2006-06-04 11:58:10
Hash-Based Resume5Emu-Xperts2006-06-02 16:51:33
Drop files into remote window2jbellsey2006-05-23 14:32:13
Workspace Toolbar3MentholMoose2006-05-19 13:29:07
Mices Forward And backward button should bee used4Dennis872006-05-16 10:00:57
MultiThread Uploads/Downloads1spignataro2006-05-15 19:06:37
Download file without CWD'ing to restricted remote directory1Eriboll2006-05-07 11:28:53
Wasted Screen Space10username1322006-04-29 07:35:23
New folder should appear in right hand pane5DavidA2006-04-27 09:44:14
Desktop shortcuts for Sites3senocular2006-04-25 21:25:40
FTP folder size3bramtops2006-04-25 08:15:22
Date Filter2nirvana2006-04-25 06:15:21
FTP Tree download2Borg Number One2006-04-24 00:38:40
How to set the standard position for SmartFTP windows?3Colin Finck2006-04-23 10:06:34
interface confusion5simonbaker2006-04-20 18:56:10
Could use a version to send to dummies to get files from1reedesign2006-04-18 19:18:17
Does Smartftp plan for support scp/sftp?5Kenbaby2006-04-13 02:28:06
Simple interface option3Southpaw0182006-04-10 13:10:38
version in file type3Abides2006-04-10 10:34:48
LeechFTP Like Multiple Downloads4mastermind30012006-04-06 17:44:43
Disable 'New' GUI?3Extrarius2006-04-05 20:53:35
Multiple edit3Toolskyn2006-04-01 18:11:51
Remote Path3DarqFlare2006-03-29 18:27:23
Favorite Update on Login1DarqFlare2006-03-29 17:46:26
Default Tab Groupings1DarqFlare2006-03-27 18:34:49
New > Create File8Toolskyn2006-03-26 09:16:14
Tray icon1vrapp2006-03-19 21:02:55
Server to server transfer2GerryJ2006-03-19 17:47:01
Remote Edit destroys file permissions1meigel2006-03-11 17:10:51
Recurrences' schedule calculation3Opuz Klass2006-03-09 23:19:48
Enhanced/multiple (HTML) Url-mapping2GreyHound2006-03-09 19:01:06
Directory tree - "Set as root" option4Dracan2006-03-07 22:04:24
'Control-tab' and 'drag and drop' at the same time3Dracan2006-03-07 21:57:12
CHMOD multiple files and directories4faux2006-03-04 09:47:15
Anonymous button disable port selection1D-Kalck2006-03-03 22:02:48
Linux SmartFTP1Linux0012006-03-03 20:24:36
Transfer Queue not using password6MrDoomMaster2006-03-02 23:12:32
SmartFTP for Linux2Linux0012006-03-01 02:00:43
Wishlist1kennygunie2006-02-26 08:11:11
More detail on transfer item1fbat2006-02-25 00:29:08
Follow Shortcuts2Olate2006-02-21 19:52:46
Installer Request: Option to uninstall setup files6frame2006-02-19 06:01:50
hanging ip-stack/ overload of files1sap_basis2006-02-19 01:56:48
Request: Accelerators + Change of 'All'1frame2006-02-19 00:49:27
PASV vs EPSV3D-Kalck2006-02-17 18:48:27
Global Upload Queue - Folder2Jakob2006-02-17 17:57:39
Auto-match local and server view as you click11Chris Hester2006-02-17 13:52:43
applying one setting for all remote views2LupercusBD2006-02-17 00:55:24
Closing Tab with a Double-Click4MentholMoose2006-02-16 19:12:58
Tutorial improvement1wolfberg2006-02-15 21:08:20
global queeu sort by ...1tRiBUN2006-02-14 23:11:05
External Add To Global Queue1gus-2006-02-13 23:38:59
Keyboard Auto Search8jkarr2006-02-13 04:39:14
Map name on tab local browser4LupercusBD2006-02-12 04:18:46
Multiple Transfer Queue8mb2006-02-11 02:37:19
Enhancement to "in-place" edit3ivanv2006-02-10 17:57:14
merge between local and server2mpiontek2006-02-09 12:52:24
Select Details Feature2Sword2006-02-08 07:37:06
Using keyboard1coolbar322006-02-03 12:01:04
Bookmark folder - SmartFTP 21MentholMoose2006-01-31 18:25:40
Web Design Optimizer3SpookyET2006-01-29 03:05:38
icon per favorite2Tropics2006-01-26 23:43:19
This interface...775th Trombone2006-01-26 04:10:07
Local Pane (With Files)2linolium2006-01-14 18:56:17
Permission Attr.7OutCell2006-01-14 15:39:13
Reupload last file1Jakob2006-01-10 16:55:01
Disable Auto-Reconnect14mat792006-01-08 11:44:13
5 look in 2.03Mathachew2006-01-05 16:38:05
Import Ftprush.xml FTP Server List1rockzero2005-12-31 04:31:27
New prompt options1Kukac2005-12-17 18:36:43
Tabs on Top9Annorax2005-12-14 15:19:56
Saving blank passwords3Rikis2005-12-13 17:40:20
overall statistic1bodo08152005-12-12 16:55:40
link opening by default web browser1Greek2005-12-12 15:41:58
Tools-Setting to disable "Size" commands3ChrisEd2005-12-06 09:20:19
New file lockout1pluton-house2005-11-29 17:09:51
Add a toolbar button to disable Filters/Skip Lists!1idontwanttologin2005-11-28 16:53:30
FTP via http proxy3int2005-11-25 12:21:45
global queue enhancements1GriZly2005-11-19 00:32:04
Global -> URL Expansion (Multiple Entries)3Extrarius2005-11-13 21:16:52
Explorer shell extension2Ignace2005-11-12 19:58:09
Few suggestions2Zachary Eadie2005-11-03 08:05:19
Remote edit for more than one file at same time1faux2005-10-31 10:58:02
Focus back on queue file list1jencas2005-10-25 18:42:14
Show SmartFTP version on homepage.2Replika2005-10-25 08:18:24
XFTP Support4MrDoomMaster2005-10-25 01:24:50
Middle Click to close connection window tabs1MrDoomMaster2005-10-25 01:22:04
animate trayicon if SmartFTP is uploading/downloading1klumy2005-10-21 18:52:00
Add extention during download5Swagten2005-10-20 20:27:46
Browse cached directories offline1Kukac2005-10-20 10:52:53
suggestion: novice/advanced pereferences menu1klumy2005-10-09 12:21:17
Expanding uploading folder for global queue.2martym2005-09-30 01:07:30
Support for alternative active ports1Jonhoo2005-09-23 15:06:06
Download manager options1D5552005-09-19 19:20:10
Tray Icon4code2crash2005-09-16 21:44:36
SFTP and SCP connections1ksorman2005-09-12 02:57:36
SFTP or SCP connections ???6ksorman2005-09-10 00:34:29
Limet Local Ports to Costume Ports and not Rage1LordX2005-09-07 20:08:09
Long lists of ftp addresses gets confusing.1meaningoflights2005-08-27 02:55:54
Download Managers options.2D5552005-08-19 13:13:43
CVS ignore3kuindji2005-08-12 12:16:53
Downloads1nila2005-08-11 11:51:19
Copyable file path information sought2LyleA2005-08-05 19:33:34
fxp transfer speed display1foobar2005-08-02 14:52:41
UTF16 support3wilburpan2005-08-02 01:26:00
DRAG to pre-defined icon, each icon = spec. download path7olson2005-08-01 13:57:52
High files after Refresh View6end2005-07-30 20:27:10
Please insert a "Recursive folder size" function..32cows2005-07-25 14:50:48
upload complete folders / subfolders4suoperduper2005-07-22 09:47:40
About Global Queue1YSL2005-07-06 16:00:46
Change default permissions1Takashi OHKI2005-07-01 23:54:29
Send / Receive buffer1jtsoft2005-06-29 02:10:24
Upload and Download queue, a bit of AI into Smart FTP1jtsoft2005-06-29 01:59:45
Definitive SmartFTP manual?1chipzoller2005-06-28 13:48:52
Upload Direct - Select Files - Directory/pathing error?5appyface2005-05-31 19:12:51
Batch Transfers2SnowPrince2005-05-28 16:22:41
Shell Extension1CheesyPeas2005-05-25 13:41:48
Being a mirror2Stephan1232005-05-21 17:43:02
Search feature in SmartFTP1Borg Number One2005-05-21 12:30:25
Correct Date & time in downloaded files6Borg Number One2005-05-21 11:13:35
Tabbed window combinations?2Lobster2005-05-17 11:34:37
Drag-and-drop into folders2Lobster2005-05-17 11:22:49
green software?3modisxp2005-05-17 07:51:10
activate smartftp on connect?1modisxp2005-05-17 02:19:48
Self-contained version of SmartFTP?4misha12005-05-12 15:33:37
Several uploads2ulybka2005-05-01 09:24:46
Option to change the size of disk write cache5Kukac2005-04-29 13:13:13
Right-click on Favorites folders1Gary King2005-04-26 21:00:07
Default Upload folders1MrAsker2005-04-25 18:19:08
Copz paste work's very slow when Smart FTP is open1ovisopa2005-04-22 21:29:30
Showing passwords and company security17FREEKBOU2005-04-20 19:27:59
Dreamweaver Like Synchronize Remote Directory5hittjw2005-04-13 12:49:41
Details, details, details1provri2005-04-10 18:10:56
Suggestion2battleace2005-04-06 22:29:28
LeechFTP related suggestions1Tokar2005-03-27 06:12:41
FTP between Remote Sites2kopite20122005-03-24 15:32:29
Multiple Sources For Downloads1devriest2005-03-20 22:31:59
show current action in the programbar1klumy2005-03-18 21:14:40
FILE_FLAG_SEQUENTIAL_SCAN3lada2005-03-02 15:00:01
Copy and paste to same directory1pat2005-02-24 12:49:16
Disable the folder view of the Local Browser1josephsieh2005-02-23 00:11:54
Prompt if connected and "Disconnect"...but...3Slinger2005-02-20 18:27:33
Plugins Support! :)2wiak2005-02-17 16:59:54
Build in SFV/MD5 Checker!3wiak2005-02-17 16:46:44
SmartFTP 2.0 Request3iampedro2005-02-11 21:00:16
automatically rename while uploading5compie2005-02-06 11:44:48
Total Time Remaining for Global Queue2snakyjake2005-01-27 02:28:00
CHMOD Folders...3echoboi2005-01-24 19:45:22
SmartFTP Server?1TnT2005-01-21 22:28:03
background / foreground color in menus and displays1cal2005-01-11 22:04:36
Just want to say thanks.1lotus_anima2005-01-10 06:37:46
En Req: CP on command line1stk2005-01-06 00:54:38
Copy if newer/modfied1cwchapma2005-01-05 16:16:13
Auto Queueing3cwchapma2005-01-04 21:00:49
Feature request: Settings bundle1frugle2005-01-04 13:02:17
Intelligent Upload For Upgrade of Script File2joamos2005-01-03 04:25:31
Attach multiple logon infos to each bookmark2The Fragmaster2005-01-02 06:14:20
{[Enhancement Suggestion]} Taskbar and System bar2waqy2004-12-28 07:45:49
Auto Upload1XenNetwork2004-12-24 12:20:40
More Notification options2Xgkkp2004-12-20 01:31:06
Editing from FTP7Matt`2004-12-17 20:55:34
Control Passive Port Range2pvanbell2004-12-15 14:03:26
another vote for time offset please!1gethinc2004-12-15 11:04:10
Enhancement request > Bookmarked-site properties1darat2004-12-11 11:08:15
Suggestion for SmartFTP MSI Installer6klumy2004-12-10 18:08:14
Automatic Schedualed FTP Backup1iampedro2004-11-29 20:43:41
how can i use this smartFTP?2neumbap2004-11-28 10:49:10
Local Files and Control L and View Nomenclature4timtak2004-11-25 03:49:59
Enhancements1smonty12004-11-24 15:13:27
SmartFTP not user friendly6salama2004-11-18 19:48:30
Remembering recent folders5salama2004-11-16 23:45:12
scheduler & remote sync3andylewis2004-11-11 22:16:18
Clipboard Monitoring for FTP:// and FTPS:// Connections8Raimund2004-11-10 21:36:25
My (rather long) list of suggestions3Kukac2004-11-07 22:58:52
SmartFTP Editor3Kojirou-Kun2004-11-04 23:46:42
On connect > Download Qued files1NightOfDarkness2004-11-01 03:08:45
transferring folders first?2doodle2004-10-31 21:22:43
I File Properties -- Up/Download5lgrfbs2004-10-29 07:15:38
edit id3 tag on server ?2stevenails2004-10-26 06:38:44
Please make "max threads per site" a favorite-spec3vrapp2004-10-20 00:48:46
"Sash"-type window resizing3pat2004-10-16 14:41:51
Mouse wheel for up/down scrolling1Leviathon2004-10-13 01:45:15
SmartFTP for ISP!1mvisk2004-10-10 10:15:39
SmartFtp Data File2hook2004-10-09 08:42:26
Easy way to update password when opening stale favorite site3averagejoe2004-10-06 12:46:33
priority list option1doodle2004-10-05 00:26:50
bugs, better log use, duplicators, "sites" tree, m3algofoogle2004-09-28 23:15:12
custom command enhancement1succo2004-09-27 13:29:21
Suggestions about Global Queue and Connections Tab3alloy2004-09-26 22:02:12
can smartftp be minimized to system tray?3alloy2004-09-26 20:35:08
Virtual FXP support for Servers that do not support it :-)2viking2ev2004-09-19 22:10:59
New Forum Version2BreiteSeite2004-09-18 11:57:02
Student Pricing1iampedro2004-09-17 15:03:46
Automatic Resume-skip2|necro|2004-09-15 16:19:09
save settings4JH2004-09-13 12:47:45
Multiple connections on one file2RRI2004-09-03 13:01:44
Recurrence for scheduled upload/download9TomHe2004-09-01 19:50:57
Global queue auto download location selector1Caleb2004-08-31 20:23:13
SmartFTp backup should be available in the SmartFTP window1klumy2004-08-29 08:07:08
Upload Folder5Scottie_Too_Hottie72004-08-26 11:08:26
Keep alive DURING file transfers3huaraz2004-08-15 13:49:46
Feature Request For 2.02iwod2004-08-15 09:08:42
Global queue API2Frey2004-08-04 21:51:09
Movement of mouse cursor to default button13John Carson2004-08-03 13:03:57
one small request1doodle2004-08-02 15:30:14
pause some items in the global queue2caerma2004-07-30 20:16:21
Global Queue Log2emtee2004-07-30 19:10:13
I suggest the following1Wana B2004-07-27 05:50:15
Quick Upload for Scripters1parsifal2004-07-26 10:51:07
Enhancement - Per site speed limiters2dladen2004-07-25 20:37:45
Favourite support on command line1eyebex2004-07-24 07:54:06
Excellent Program!1iKwak2004-07-23 19:15:40
get/put via local rather than FXP for server/server1adstock2004-07-22 00:10:46
plz consider this feature MB1raulsue2004-07-19 20:27:08
Better instance checking1Caleb2004-07-19 11:13:09
[Suggestion] Advanced global queue control5DeathWolf2004-07-16 13:35:56
Default Viewmode1koomi2004-07-15 14:02:44
multi-source downloading1cola4ever2004-07-14 18:14:39
bypass proxy button3marteltor2004-07-09 18:49:15
Built in HTML editor?2FinalSoul2004-07-08 21:56:53
Symbolic links4danblake2004-07-08 16:13:07
Add drag & drop downloads to global queue3eyebex2004-07-08 15:13:02
Mac Compatibilty2exit9892004-07-07 05:03:42
New Log Folder Option3inrig2004-07-05 21:27:25
Something i'd like changed6Deimos2004-07-02 17:24:07
moving files within ftp server & overwriting2filoberto2004-07-01 12:42:55
renaming global queue controls1eyebex2004-07-01 09:07:33
When clicking a 'Tile' button..1Sarevok2004-06-23 02:13:33
Use Browser Configuration for Proxy1Trav2004-06-10 23:22:57
Enable for IP to decimal support - understanding1NightOfDarkness2004-06-07 23:33:05
Enable Que Files on connect auto download1NightOfDarkness2004-06-06 21:57:39
Enable UPLOADING FOLDERS and Folder Content1NightOfDarkness2004-06-06 00:58:45
Upload-Verify4Marquee2004-06-03 18:48:45
Advanced File Exists Section12soCram2004-06-03 13:55:02
Pausable downloads2Java_geek2004-05-31 22:39:46
Double-click a connection tab/local browser tab to close1zer0fill2004-05-30 18:20:58
parse quick connect with favorites2zer0fill2004-05-30 18:16:19
A way to alt+x to get the focus of the address bar1zer0fill2004-05-30 18:11:49
Select entire line1zer0fill2004-05-30 18:09:41
Ability to drag from session to global1trinidon2k2004-05-30 14:03:13
Autorename on Download1giorre2004-05-29 10:14:12
Password request upon opening SmartFTP.3a1rabbit2004-05-28 22:44:33
Address / Location for each Browser Window2ajweb2004-05-27 16:57:32
hide in tray?2clericvash2004-05-26 20:38:31
Allocate space before writing file2DarkSnoopy2004-05-21 05:48:32
Multiple Instance Issues3pagesmith2004-05-16 23:12:13
DLL/plugin for download stats (useful with monitoring apps)1swordsman742004-05-14 15:10:47
2 feature requests / suggestions2lanfear2004-05-13 08:55:07
Build In SFV Checker & total remaining queue1Forumposter2004-05-11 11:18:49
PRET (PRE Transfer) support4gekko2004-05-08 11:33:36
SMART Queue2Sapo2004-05-05 14:26:56
Save instant transfer job automatically1Alastone2004-05-05 13:58:09
Auto re-connect2Turambar2004-04-22 00:44:05
Wilcards needed5MagicBuzz2004-04-20 08:08:28
Speed limits...1GriZly2004-04-19 13:37:20
notice window position1Marquee2004-04-16 15:59:16
copy ON server6Marquee2004-04-16 15:56:35
Can each favorite have own default download path?3Schlumpf2004-04-15 22:34:25
Some things I'm missing3Syndicate2004-04-13 13:00:25
Multiple simutaneous drag and drop downloads & address b1drewwarren2004-04-11 21:27:17
simple switch for Global Queue1Bumadar2004-04-04 08:11:18
precaching sites at login1phoenix6662004-04-02 14:42:29
Alternative FXP for site being FXP'ed to4sobel2004-04-01 08:54:41
Profiles...1kickarse2004-03-30 14:58:23
some kind of validation?4dragon2004-03-30 07:55:37
better access to the global speed seting1baylock2004-03-29 04:25:28
"Hasn't been updated for 92 days"2pedalcars2004-03-16 10:04:40
"Up One Level" (Parent Directory) icon for the Sta3senocular2004-03-15 03:22:57
Zeroconf - Bonjour (ex. Rendezvous) support5necrosis2004-03-14 18:36:32
Checkbox for the Anonym connections?2Svebor2004-03-13 11:48:38
FTP via http proxy10desdichado2004-03-07 00:45:42
Bootup queue check1ToMMY2ooo2004-03-06 13:52:43
Add queue feature - set threads per site4ToMMY2ooo2004-03-06 13:50:52
Fix the command history2ToMMY2ooo2004-03-06 13:48:24
color codes5succo2004-02-25 22:07:58
Export History3joshdm2004-02-20 21:57:26
Download via HTTP?1DH2004-02-20 11:35:57
Hotkey to cancel a transfer in progress1classaxe2004-02-18 13:54:19
Keep Local Browser on the left!2Pastoweb2004-02-17 09:18:42
Support For PRET COMMAND6pooky2004-02-16 16:31:40
SSL/TLS Site to Site3pooky2004-02-16 16:20:06
Global Queue & Session Queue9Easyman2004-02-12 16:13:42
Read Me1mb2004-02-11 23:41:13
a "finished transfert list"2Alphab2004-02-11 22:41:39
Alias name for sites42L2004-02-09 22:12:35
Threads per Host Setting in Global Queue2waRhawK2004-02-09 17:00:02
Limiting GUI2emtee2004-02-07 02:28:37
On Queue Complete6spectral2004-02-05 21:21:48
Multiple Conenctions To One Server1xhispage2004-02-04 16:46:01
A Few Feature Ideas1spookcentral2004-02-03 07:39:57
Auto Window Tile1Snoozy2004-02-02 19:11:07
smartftp staying in tray?1rixie2004-01-26 11:14:33
Improve Command Line Switches1radukn2004-01-25 09:25:47
"Move" Feature1Cyber Dog2004-01-24 23:55:07
Total Commander Download List2di97mni2004-01-22 20:32:18
File Properties -- Keyboard Shortcut3XNeo2004-01-21 16:50:27
On queue complete..9Caleb2004-01-20 15:14:42
auto save of favorites1marteltor2004-01-12 13:03:53
Overwrite1chr_kronborg2004-01-10 11:04:28
Built in file editor2md52004-01-09 22:12:22
PayPal4pealing2004-01-08 13:17:30
in queue right mouse button -> resume1marteltor2004-01-07 20:16:59
How about a view lock?2TechOwl2004-01-04 23:28:04
"wait" timer between file uploads and downloads...1Blisk2004-01-03 06:57:34
What is SmartFtp programed in ??2iwod2004-01-01 06:42:46
Feature Request1aLiEnTxC2003-12-24 00:13:30
Import FileZilla.xml FTP Server List3Don2003-12-23 23:04:30
Shortcuts for transferring files?3meira2003-12-23 11:25:08
Remote file editing.7AndyD2003-12-15 20:54:21
option for Source file delete after sucessful transfer1raulsue2003-12-13 17:18:44
Download from HTTP - An Extension to 'Clipboard Monitoring'3Thracx2003-12-12 01:24:22
Timed shutdown ( disscinnect5Yogi2003-12-10 22:14:39
Save Password Check Box2SimpleFix2003-12-07 03:55:19
Automatic refresh1jcotter2003-12-03 02:47:39
Minimize to tray button2nnissen2003-11-28 16:49:09
Recursive chmod8Pastoweb2003-11-27 13:02:13
soft-link support1gorwell2003-11-25 22:09:40
Scripting...1U.N.C.L.E.2003-11-24 07:00:30
Remember layout18webgoddess2003-11-20 17:45:35
Remember last folder used...1reaction2003-11-19 07:05:24
Reverse last operation...2reaction2003-11-19 06:49:27
Exit confirmation dialog1revolution2003-11-17 10:42:04
Tabbed interface2Tux2003-11-16 13:28:54
Ability to Edit on the Fly3shanksta2003-11-13 16:09:21
jn4u2jn4u2003-11-13 09:39:20
Search Function2jn4u2003-11-13 09:35:54
Find files on ftp1neocryptek2003-11-11 07:36:12
Strict queue transfer order1JLP2003-11-09 16:25:04
center on mouse dialog boxes...1reaction2003-11-04 15:00:05
random variation 'overwrite, are you sure?' message boxes...1reaction2003-11-04 14:34:37
|setup -> 'reboot on completion?'|1reaction2003-11-04 14:27:41
Support f4metuw2003-10-31 07:57:26
Recursive Upload...1reaction2003-10-31 01:30:10
Same location copy...1reaction2003-10-31 01:27:58
color settings for files on ftpd1zwat2003-10-27 13:28:13
Queue pausing1jorgen2003-10-26 22:39:23
Multi Line Bar, and Multiple queues1pooky2003-10-23 18:09:18
Fix annoying system tray icon behaviour2sichbo2003-10-23 12:55:26
Automation in Global Queue possible?2Rubb2003-10-21 23:11:00
update upload2Anguz2003-10-20 22:35:27
Transfer manager...1ddofborg2003-10-19 19:53:54
LINUX!2mark20092003-10-15 20:38:34
Automatic Chmod1thehellwitu2003-10-12 23:42:26
Use Login/Browse Thread in Global Queue5neocryptek2003-10-11 22:53:49
SmartFTP promotional button3SA-X2003-10-11 18:11:50
explorer replacement2t0a5t2003-10-10 23:13:34
Drop Main Thread option.1Rooster69752003-10-10 11:02:28
Right-Click requeue1Rooster69752003-10-10 10:52:43
SFV support8Tropics2003-10-09 14:17:11
update IP before each connection retry1fabisoft2003-10-05 11:04:21
Sheduling Transfert3bismuth2003-09-26 09:38:48
FTP over HTTP proxy5fdepierr2003-09-25 15:52:49
SmartFTP.exe commands6frozen2003-09-24 14:45:05
'View File' (Temporary Files _NOT_ deleted!)6reaction2003-09-23 10:06:24
auto command?2ChAdWiCk2003-09-23 10:05:38
My feature request is....3Tanya4402003-09-22 21:54:21
public terminal usage (profile reset)...4reaction2003-09-21 11:02:46
compression & backup4CrazyDog12003-09-21 09:44:50
Some requests for SmartFTP1spacemarc2003-09-19 08:25:44
One click downloads2mrkevlh2003-09-15 13:53:10
Shell Execute...2nonchaotic2003-09-13 17:24:10
SFTP3nightowl@uk2.net2003-09-10 14:31:44
scheduling transfers2lubdub2003-09-03 14:38:13
SmartFTP server16jer2eydevil882003-09-02 08:27:55
smart ftp zoom in and out6jer2eydevil882003-08-31 18:03:00
"welome.msg" support3SpiderVenom2003-08-30 07:40:46
disable update reminder2phlip2003-08-29 11:56:10
Adding history items to favourites1H3ck|02003-08-22 19:30:05
Number of threads per site in global queue3pooky2003-08-21 03:32:07
'On error' action like 'On exist' actions for file transfer!1sKabir2003-08-16 18:57:18
Window Settings1darkbreed2003-08-14 18:47:29
Make SmartFTP self contained?5hendrik2003-08-08 12:05:10
Allow only one instance.5Caleb2003-08-08 12:02:55
Properties...1StarWolf2003-08-08 09:38:23
changing ports quickly in global queue2friik2003-08-07 10:08:10
Remember inner window settings and position8webmasta2003-08-06 13:38:27
Remember Layout-Settings?1Elminster2003-08-06 05:55:33
SSL/TLS and PROT command suggestion12chrysalis2003-08-04 11:59:09
Site-level specific thread number6lubdub2003-08-04 08:16:37
Proxy & favorites...2dapo2003-08-04 05:56:28
RAW Directory Browsing1Blaster992003-08-01 21:46:00
Explorer Upload2Stephan2003-07-31 09:12:04
Favourites import / export plug-in API1eyebex2003-07-30 14:11:48
Advanced File name sorting3Guntis2003-07-29 07:31:06
Combine Local Folders & Local Browser1MexicanMenace2003-07-25 22:42:10
Tail a file2haydencobb2003-07-24 20:42:48
HTTP proxy with FTP supprot1pkuczynski2003-07-24 08:32:32
General Organization and layout1aron2003-07-23 09:15:31
Global Queue items now properly use the favorite setting ???1Arjan2003-07-22 08:36:25
suggestion abuot session transfer limit3daguerra2003-07-19 07:09:45
A More Precise Speed method3daguilar012003-07-18 09:44:38
Automatic CHMOD1ndove2003-07-18 04:22:51
properties2itedin2003-07-17 04:51:52
queue, the old style...!2puskas2003-07-12 01:35:09
systray icon animation2Vaevictis6662003-07-10 22:30:36
directory sizing1tom_wilde2003-07-09 09:26:07
Recursive CHMOD2Caleb2003-07-06 07:42:22
Warning adding files from FTP over SSL/Implicit to Global Q.2Spind11v2003-07-03 23:01:48
Forum Enhancement :)2Legshot2003-06-29 21:01:27
How about MD5 checksum generation & checking?1pmason10472003-06-25 14:43:47
disconnect after downloading option1Greek Guy2003-06-24 13:23:44
Customization1Fentekreel2003-06-22 23:24:52
Delete temp files1sharbo2003-06-22 16:37:53
MBCS (Multibyte Character Set) Support1scmasaru2003-06-21 21:16:15
Extension to "Overwrite/Resume".3RazorsEdgeUK2003-06-20 12:04:54
fxp Queue4smacko2003-06-19 05:43:20
SmartFTP Stats Window1DJ Prem2003-06-17 18:20:52
Please Add this new Recognition clipboard string1daguerra2003-06-14 14:39:20
an option to save the queues on adding items1Legshot2003-06-14 11:44:56
Linux Version5tbarbanti2003-06-10 05:31:11
Backup Manager10MikeN2003-06-09 19:10:07
Expand remote directory on drag, hover1TravisCarden2003-06-09 04:53:11
"Go" Button2TravisCarden2003-06-09 04:36:05
Minimize to System Tray?4KL2003-06-06 18:34:48
sound on connect2fujifalcon2003-06-05 15:30:04
A search function (not site wise)7Daredevil2003-06-03 13:36:27
Download Manager1Thanatos2003-06-01 21:37:38
Filters1zyx2003-05-29 06:58:52
internet explorer proxy configuration script for proxy setup1kotzeesser2003-05-28 15:06:32
Display port number in connection's title bar1lion12342003-05-26 16:33:42
Add to Session Queue after download started2Legshot2003-05-24 23:26:34
INCLUDE-ONLY-FILTER !!!1mupo2003-05-21 15:24:33
suggestions for the program1peterssitje2003-05-19 17:02:26
Password to protect from other computer users1pooky2003-05-18 05:27:09
FOLDERS3AMD_ME2003-05-18 00:13:37
Copying remote files1Zero12003-05-13 20:12:00
Export settings3S3bast1an2003-05-13 05:17:57
editing session queues while transferring5shang2003-05-11 19:27:19
"Overwrite Only Modified Files", Settings->Tran1NARUSE, Yui2003-05-10 18:41:42
Connections Tab Features1JackOn2003-05-08 20:48:31
Feature Req: Synchronising local and remote path displays1infinitemonkeys2003-05-08 10:26:20
An Edit Feature49hasnain2003-05-07 13:18:19
Changing certain items in Global Queue to passive/active?2The Fragmaster2003-05-03 23:53:33
Syncronization would be great!17shiften2003-05-01 00:48:37
Some Suggestions1MikeN2003-04-30 19:12:39
Global Queue using favorite settings3succo2003-04-29 05:53:48
File Size units coherency4Fratus2003-04-28 14:25:49
Optimizing Global Queue for FXP1soCram2003-04-26 16:14:10
uploading a directory with subdirectories2Peter Elst2003-04-26 15:48:15
Manually add a new item to Global Queue1kriko2003-04-26 09:13:39
Auto-reconnect4lion_victor2003-04-21 11:59:17
Saving SFTP Browser Settings2sher072003-04-20 01:34:07
Smart or Cute ?5Kreisquadratur2003-04-16 21:24:45
Recursive CHMOD Functionality3NeoTritium2003-04-14 02:11:00
abort, but resume?2marteltor2003-04-13 11:07:23
fxp statistics5marteltor2003-04-13 10:43:39
Global Queue Statistics1Demerzel2003-04-10 22:02:14
SmartFTP statistics display ideas2Miles Prower2003-04-10 12:31:48
does compare directories exist or not ?1redmike2003-04-09 22:45:45
A very good object for seazure in SmartFTP!!!1BenZebuth2003-04-09 11:34:12
STAT alternative faster listing9Nicon2003-04-09 10:56:28
Uploading only new or changed files and folders3dlerman2003-04-06 19:20:01
three major request's1palma_rosa2003-04-05 01:02:07
SmartFTP For Apple computers (Mac OS X)25xodys322003-04-04 05:10:50
Using client certificates per host/profile/connection2mike8082003-04-02 15:54:09
Address editor4toralux2003-03-31 09:51:53
What about a SEARCH ENGINE in SmartFTP?1snakeshit2003-03-29 22:35:38
Enhancment to change the order of files in the session queue1phanevski2003-03-28 04:19:44
Uploading files according to creation/modification date1treblig22003-03-27 13:39:46
queues for fxp1MitsuXTC2003-03-27 05:36:08
several suggestions (easier file transfer management relate)10Lars2003-03-24 19:01:06
SmartFTP icon blends into desktop background1davidqxo2003-03-20 15:23:28
Provide preference setting for viewer1davidqxo2003-03-20 15:21:17
Edit in place3davidqxo2003-03-20 15:18:54
Global queue changes1crisp2003-03-20 00:02:18
Automatically resume download or upload5jones12342003-03-16 07:54:57
Re-use login thread6Gebla2003-03-13 17:11:09
enable/disable individual items in the global queue.1bakaris2003-03-12 21:59:41
Global queue should be stop by default1cookie2003-03-12 17:37:27
some usefull enhancements1cookie2003-03-12 17:26:51
Small request - De-Minimise on connect1parky2003-03-12 11:24:25
skip file button1sagel2003-03-11 15:31:49
Directory Synchronization23pittster2003-03-11 15:11:58
tooltip4@Ikaro2003-03-11 02:05:02
Server 'move' command6curve2003-03-07 20:50:43
Option to popup login message2padda2003-03-05 23:13:10
Connection Profile2masuda19672003-03-05 14:35:00
Right Click "SendTo" Menu Option1masuda19672003-03-05 14:21:55
FTP between remote sites4masuda19672003-03-05 14:10:42
Individual Retry Time1vix2003-03-05 02:13:29
Non-restrictive port range settings1sk662003-03-04 14:55:34
Queues should use settings for FTP server from Favourites1JLP2003-03-02 16:29:00
Customizable file size display4JLP2003-03-02 16:24:26
Time stamp4Attended Monk2003-03-02 16:16:18
Remembering settings?12aStarSeeker2003-03-02 10:16:22
Compatabililty with MACOS WebSTAR FTP host1Robert Tickle2003-03-01 17:21:27
further on file exists options1Dan02003-03-01 04:34:40
Statistics pop up3Attended Monk2003-02-28 18:43:04
Right click in Favorites menu1pixelman2003-02-28 14:52:58
My one request1DavidR2003-02-28 06:57:46
How about a new prompt2Aokromes2003-02-27 12:17:45
SmartFTP with Microsoft Proxy server (or ISA server)2Matyas2003-02-27 08:55:44
IPv6 Compliant20Je@nb2003-02-25 20:41:55
file editing1vlabakje2003-02-25 10:20:51
More powerful and versatile queuing please :)2anathema2003-02-25 00:42:45
Need to eliminate file "Type" info on local view1vallelunga2003-02-24 20:50:58
Character Encoding in Remote File Listing1yoursguideline2003-02-24 20:13:17
Import from SmartFTP2Nwardezir2003-02-24 09:22:55
Two suggestions1dactyl2003-02-22 20:48:41
Auto save queue on exit3yorge9@hotmail.com2003-02-22 11:34:32
Tar, Upload, Un-Tar Feature4mipscomp2003-02-21 21:00:57
Actions to be done on different events1Daredevil2003-02-21 15:49:43
Minor issue regarding default download path1fnheiden2003-02-21 13:37:27
More versatile (and slightly more unified) queue system1JohnnyDark2003-02-20 04:31:12
FTP Server1DoTCoM2003-02-20 04:01:39
Full queue completion estimate4anathema2003-02-16 13:24:32
local on left, remote on right :)17erp2003-02-15 13:59:52
global queue thread suggestion2arficus2003-02-11 11:26:37
Resizable task bar2palma_rosa2003-02-07 10:26:49
Multi part transfer9magza2003-02-03 22:24:54
Proxy mode: USER user@host port2Rexxx2003-01-08 14:54:02
deleting file after download24smacko2003-01-08 08:41:10
Local and remote size colums6oxyg3n2003-01-03 22:30:45
Auto display source and destination folders9davidb2002-11-18 12:26:50
One Word: OpenSSH96viguru2002-05-30 16:32:06