Performance/Priority options


i just noticed something today.

I uploaded a 600mb File to my Notebook (PC->Wlan->Router->Laptop).
I got about 2000kB/s, which was okay.

When i switched from Smartftp to another Application on my PC (some 3d Game :>), the upload speed sunk to 150-200kB/s, which is quite understandable because the Game uses alot of CPU time/ressources.

When i change the priority of Smartftp.exe in the Taskmanager to "higher as normal" the Speed increases to about 2000kB/s again, while the Game is still running very smooth /good fps - without any noticeable differences to the settings used before i would say.

While i have no problem using the Taskmanager to prioritise my Apps, maybe it is a good idea to include a Process-priority Setting in the Options.

Just an Idea