Map Remote Folder Structure to Local Folder structure

For instance... Say you have a remote site directory

underneath you have a folder structure


I would like to be able to map that remote directory to follow the same folder structure on my PC.

so I would have a folder


and under it would have


So when I'm navigating either directory (remote or local) the other would follow along and stay in the same directory.

I hope that makes sense ?

I know that many people would be interested in something like this.


Hello ..

The feature is implemented and it's called "Sync Navigation". To activate it open a Local Browser and a Remote Browser. Select the root folders in both browser and then press the "Sync Navigation" button in the toolbar between the two browsers.


That's great. Thanks for the tip.

It would also be nice to "lock it in", so you would basically set a local root directory to map directly to a remote root directory, so when you're working with different sites/local/remote browsers, smartFTP could figure out the mappings and change itself accordingly.

I understand that would probably be a ton of work, but maybe something to think about.

Also, if they sorted together, that would be great too