Favourite stored immediate after adding new entries?

I've had smartftp crashing with transfers at high thread counts (e.g. 10+), and upon restart the recently added/edited favourites are gone. The worse is all the newly added items in the queue became "[Unknown]"

The crash does not bother me as I could always just restart it.

If you're doing multi-sites transfer it would be hard to find out where the download came from, and more troubles editing the queued items to point to the correct favourites.

Can the next build include instant save of favourites, may be also automatically backup a copy of the favourite upon startup if something went wrong during the last save?

And better if there is a mass editor which you can change options (e.g. site, destination, source) for multiple files in one go?

Thanks for making such a great FTP client.


Please try the new version from

It saves the favorites everytime a favorite item is added or deleted.

BTW: I would be interested if you can reproduce the problems with the crashs.