Drop files into remote window

Dropping files into the remote window works significantly differently in 2.0 than in 1.5. This relates specifically to remote folders that are FULL, or have enough files in them to fill the visible list.

In 1.5, one could always drop a file onto the file list. In 2.0, you can only drop a file onto an UNUSED area in the file list. So if the folder only has 2 items, you can drop in the area below those two files. But if the folder has 100 items, you cannot drop onto the file list; you instead have to drop onto the folder's name in the folder list on the left.

This is very incovenient! So much that I probably will go back to 1.5.

(Also, is there a keyboard shortcut for upload?)

I would like to add onto this request.

Another possibility would be if you had a section in the options that determined double click actions on local files.

Often i would like to select the files and press enter or to double click on the files and have them upload to the current remote folder.