Little Interface suggestion

1. When upgrading Smart FTP, Favorite data doesn't lost. but the interface setting for Remote and Local all lost, could you keep all setting when upgrading.

2. In my company, many of the server have PCAnywher installed, so i used it very frequently, in pcanywhere, Remote and Local could bind, when change Remote Site, the Local Browser also will be changed. Could you give us an option (Tool bar item) easy to bind or un-bind Local Browser and Remote Browser, so that when Remote Browser closed or active then the bind Local Browser will be closed or actived.

also could you let us move the Log Panel in Remote Browser to the bottome of the window (which Transfer Queue placed).

It depends what version you are upgrading from. Generally all settings are imported unless there is a technical reason this is not possible.

Bind. It's a good idea.

I don't like this suggestion. The log should be in the place where it belongs to. So if I use the Remote Browser to connect to a server, I'm expecting to find the log there.