Servers that support max 1 users

Firstly, I would like to say, great program, and apart from this 'feature' and the bug that I just submitted this program suits our needs perfectly.
Secondly, I would like to explain our use of this program.
We operate 6 Outside Broadcast units in NZ and we are interested in purchasing numerous licenses for our Video Tape operators to use.
One use is obviously copying files (videos) from our servers to our operators laptop for editing etc, but the primary intended use is for ingesting 'ENG' footage from our field cameras to our servers for editing and playback, using FXP from the operators laptop.
Like I said, there are 2 types of FTP servers we are using, our 'servers' are Thompson Grass Valley K2 Clients, which suffer from the directory listing 'bug', the other are Sony pdw-1500 XD-Cam decks.

The issue with these decks are that they only support 1 user connected at a time due to their nature. Smart FTP currently uses a minimum of 2 connections, 1 for downloading directory listings etc, and the other for the actual transfer.
We can get around this by clicking disconnect on the directory listing, and then run on the transfer queue, but if this is forgotten, it can take a while to recover from, and of course this is usually when we are in a rush for something.

I am really keen on implementing this solution nation-wide, but it would be great if there was some sort of option that limited smart-FTP to a total of 1 connection, so that it disconnects the file listing to do transfers etc, as this is rather 'mission-critical' for us, especically on our bigger OB's