The way to monitor a file is to right click on it in the TQ and then click schedule. But in one of the last versions, you changed this a bit. Now it goes to the Schedule Tab automatically.

Apart from there being no quick way to monitor a file, there's now an extra click i have to make every time i want to monitor a file. This is a very routine task for me and it would save tons of time if 1) you add a hotkey or a new button for making local files to go to the TQ according to the automatic rules and automatically go into Monitoring or Process/Monitor 2) or add Monitor to the right click in the TQ - below Schedule for example.

the 1) is the best option for me and i believe for other people too - this is a very routine task for developers. creating a huge TQ of all the files and loading at the beginning of every development sessions takes lots of time - it is very slow while saving the .xml file [when adding a file to it and saving] and it has problems remembering the last file saved too - or maybe it's a feature lol.

Anyway, please add it to the feature requests or something, as this is getting really annoying