Visual Compare

File time and dates on my computer and the web server are always different. (If you know how to make them the same, please explain.) Both show the time when the date was saved, but since the file on web server is always saved at a later time than my computer, all file comparisons show "not equal".

Can you add an option to show "more recent date & time" please. After uploading files to the web server, all the files on the web server would show as more recent. That's OK. However, when I edit and re-save a file on my computer, the new option will highlight the edited files on my computer because they are more recent than what is on web server, and this will help me spot files that I need to uploaded.

Thank you for your consideration.

Modern FTP servers support a feature to set the date/time of the remote files. If your server doesn't support that I recommend to contact your web hosting provider to update to another FTP server product.