Feature Request- Colored folders

I'm currently doign a development project on a live server simultaneously with several users. We have an 'admin' folder int he root, and an 'adminCMS' folder, and a 'css' folder, and a 'common/css' folder, and a 'common/css/admin' folder- among several nested admin folders.

It's driving me baty, the nested, opened hierarchy on the left side of my SmartFTP window is a mess of yellow folders with identical or near-dientical names at multiple levels of the hierarchy.

Now- one might argue that this speaks ill of our development architecture (and it does, but that will all be rationalized by launch time) but I really just wish I was able to right-click on these file folders and color-code them. Not so anyone else can see- but so *I* can see, like, with the settings permanently attached to my connection profile (which is a local file.)

(This won't come in time for this project, but rapidly color-coding folders is something I miss SO MUCH from my Mac days...)

Hopefully recoding Smarty so it uses the Windows file browser doesn't make this impossible.

Anyway- I'm not sure if this is the right forum to request this- but I'm doin' so.