External Diff Tool

There are often times when I need to see the difference between two files. It would be great if there was a way to specify an external diff tool and have smart ftp download and load both files being compared. Possibly a button under the sync navigation and visual compare that is enabled only if visual compare is on and the file you are currently highlighting is on both browsers.

Currently I have to right click the first file and choose open with and then choose default program, then i have to browse to my diff tool, then on the other browser I have to repeat the steps. Luckily my compare program waits for a 2nd file to open and it seems to know what I am trying to do.

It would be easier if there was just a way to remember alternate programs for viewing, however an external diff tool would be a great addition.



I second that!
This would be a VERY handy feature!

wish this feature could be added.