File exist rule

Hi everybody!

Is it possible to get another choice in the file exists rules that keeps the existing files while renaming it ?

For example when uploading default.htm, if the file exists the program renames it as default.htm.bak and uploads default.html
The second time : it renames default.htm.bak as default.htm.bak1, default.html as default.html.bak and still uploads default.html
and so on until a limited value set in the parameters.

Such a rule is present in the FTPexpert program I remember and I founded this very usefull instead of controling each file to be transfered. When things are almost OK with the site it's easy to delete .bak files.


Hello ..

No this is not possible at this time but we will consider it in a future version of SmartFTP.

On a side note you should test your website on your local computer before you upload it to a productional server. Setup a web server (Apache, ISS) on your system to test your website before you publish it to the productional server.