Recurrences' schedule calculation

Hi again Mat,

Could you please add a feature to "Queue Item Schedule" to alternate recurrences' schedule calculation formula from the default unpredictable formula "initial schedule + synchronization time + recurrence time" to a predictable one like "initial schedule + recurrence time"?

It would be great if you you could do it...


I second this. It is frustrating that after a week or so the intially scheduled time has floated out by the time takent to do the transfer * # of transfers and requires manual intervention to be reset.

The following new formula will be used in the next build:

	CTime currentTime(CTime::GetCurrentTime());

	CTime newTime;

	if(m_StartTime == 0)

		newTime = currentTime + m_RecurrenceTime;



		newTime = m_StartTime + m_RecurrenceTime;

		if(newTime < currentTime)


			if(m_RecurrenceTime > 0)


				while(newTime < currentTime)

					newTime += m_RecurrenceTime;




	m_StartTime = newTime;

If the Start Time (m_StartTime) is not set then the next Start Time (newTime) is the current time (currentTime) + recurrence time (m_RecurrenceTime). If the Start Time is set the next Start Time is the current Start Time + Recurrence Time. In this case as long as the new Start Time is smaller than the Current Time, the Recurrent Time span will be added to the new Start Time.