Misc. suggestions for Custom Commands


I have several suggestions related to Custom Commands:

1) The window you get when clicking "Edit Custom Commands..." should be renamed to "Custom Command Editor". (Same goes for the "Favorites" window and probably other windows that are invoked by a menu entry with the word "Edit" in it.)

2) I'd like to suggest to be a little bit more detailed in the tooltips for the toolbar icons: "Insert" -> "Insert Command", "Clear" -> "Clear Commands", "Reset" -> "Restore Defaults" (others unchanged).

3) Replace the "Help" box with a (nested) right-click context menu in the "Command" box that allows to directly inserting the placeholder variables.

4) Rename the "Command" box title to "Commands".

5) Allow to execute commands on the local machine from within the command script. Instead of SITE, e.g. a prefix called LOCAL could be used to identify commands that should be executed locally. This could be used to e.g. execute an SSH script that performs actions on the server that cannot be done via FTP.

That's it for now ;-)

Hey eybex ..

Thanks for your valuable input.

I don't agree with you. For example Microsoft prefers "Organize Favorites", "Manage Addons" in Explorer rather than "Favorites Editor" or "Addons Manager". I looks like most commands are constructed like this:
verb (action) noun. Also valid for "New File", "New Tab", etc.

Changed "Insert" to "New Command", "Insert Group" to "New Group" and "Reset" to "Reset Defaults".

Nice idea. But where do you want to show the (sometimes long) description in the menu? In the tooltip is not very convenient.

Will do if you want to provide some useful scripts to run locally ;-)


1) Okay, your choice :-)

2) I know I'm picky, but "Reset Defaults" sounds misleading to me, it sounds like "resetting the deafults", not like "resetting *to* defaults". So I still would suggest either "Restore Defaults" or "Reset to Defaults".

3) I would include the descriptions in the context menu title. The placeholder sould be on the left (at the position where an icon would usually be), the (multiline?) description on the right.

4) I will do provide scripts :-)

Sorry my fault. I changed it from "Reset" to "Restore Defaults" as you suggested.

Hmm. Sorry I'm not convinced :-(

Great ;-)

3) Hmm, what's wrong with that? Anyways, so what about replacing the Help box with a (hidable) box like the "Insert Macro" dialog in Visual Studio? When you go to the project properties in VS and specify e.g. the output file name, you may click on "..." and get a dialog to insert predefined marcos. Instead of "Name" / "Value" columns you would have "Placeholder" / "Description" columns. Double-clicking on a placeholder row in that table would insert the placeholder into the Commands box.