General Suggestions/Enhancement Requests


First of all, since this is my first post, let me congratulate you for this awesome piece of software you made! I use an FTP Client every day, and for the past months now I've been using SmartFTP, and it simply seems to be the greatest FTP Client out there.

I've know configured it to my liking, gotten used to it & discovered all the options (especially those "hidden" into favorites settings). I don't have much to say, because pretty much all I am looking for into an FTP Client is already there.

Still, there are a few more things I'd like

- First of all, and this one really bugs me: why is there a difference between "Abort" and "Pause" ? I wish the two could simply be merged into one. But let me explain...
Here is want I want to do: select one (or more) items (on Transfer Queue) and abort/stop them. If they were waiting (for a worker) then they become paused, if they were actually transferring, they stop/abort the transfer.
ATM this cannot be done since items not transferring must be "paused", while others must be "aborted". Because pausing them will replace their Status by" Paused", still items are actually still transferring!

And another thing I really dislike with the current behavior: it seems I can not resume/restart an aborted item by right-clicking it and choosing "Resume", I have to stop the whole queue, and then restart it (using the start/play & stop buttons) !! I cannot understand the reason behind this, because this implies to stop/abort ALL other transfers that are going on just to resume one file!

- Another little thing I would like: ability to define a umber of workers per "transfer type", eg. number of workers for uploading, and for downloading. Thus I could have for one site/favorite and/or my Transfer Queue 2 or 3 workers to download, and 1 or 2 to upload. To ensure that no matter what there will always be downloading and uploading going on at the same time, regardless of the order of the items on queue, and simply because speeds/settings aren't usually the same for download & upload. Hence the two different speed limits for each, for example.

And a few other things I'd like to see:

When adding folders to the queue, an option to keep it on the queue and add its content under it, with a "tree-like" structure being preserved (item indented, and each folders being collapsable/expandable). This would give a nice "visual aid" when dealing with large structure being transfered, and allow to abort/resume one folder and all its content by only one click on that (parent) folder, also would give on queue some "global stats" (elapsed/estimated time, avg/current speeds, etc)

Thank You for reading me, and hopefully taking my suggestions into consideration,
and thanks & congrats for this great software!