Open last used Local when opening a Remote

Love SmartFTP. Only feature that I can't find, that has been in other FTP clients I've used for many years is ... when opening a FAVORITE remote, it would be great if it automatically opened the associated Local directory. If you look at the FAVORITE's list, it shows both the remote path and the local path. When I open a favorite, it only opens the Remote path. Where as, it would be so helpful if it also opened the local path.

I saw another post that suggested closing any open local & remote paths when opening a new favorite. That would also make this request also more useful.

BTW ... all of the favorites I have, I've been using for many years and imported from WS FTP (thanks for this feature ... it's a life saver). WS FTP (older versions) has this "open both paths" (last used local) when picking a favorite. But, SmartFTP is lightyears ahead in features, so switching to it. I run over 600 websites for US Navy Submarine Veterans and other clients, and it's very time consuming trying to "pair up" to navigate between directories on my severs and local development computer.

You can do this with SmartFTP. Go to the favorite properties. Then go to the General->Local dialog ;-)


Thanks for the quick reply. You're right it, works great. Guess that's one of the few downsides when your product is so feature rich ... it takes awhile to learn all you do with it. Will purchase it today.