[v6] File Permissions Panel

I am a web developer that runs a business where I often need to access customer sites in order to fix issues, more times than not file permission errors. After installing SmartFTP v6 and attempting to change file permissions, I am presented with this screen:
I don't understand why this screen exists.
Unskilled FTP users who don't know how to CHMOD a file as instructed will now be horribly confused as all the tutorials on the internet no longer apply to them (there's now an extra step to get to the screen that has the options they expect).
Skilled FTP users now have to make an extra click to get to the screen that has the fine-tuned permissions they need. Even if they only need a quick CHMOD 777, it was vastly quicker to simply type "777" in the relevant box than selecting the options from the drop-downs.
This seems like a change that I can only imagine was designed to improve user-friendliness, but incredibly ill-conceived for the reasons I mentioned above.
As an alternative, I would like to suggest placing the contents of the Advanced pane beneath the existing information, and make changes to the drop-downs update this new options array and vice versa.
Here's a poorly made MSPaint mock-up of how I feel it should look:
 Image (obviously the grey background wouldn't be there)
This way, you satisfy both power users as well as keeping the user-friendliness.
Thank you in advance for taking this into consideration.

If one additional click helps customers to better understand the file permission without having a background on unix-like system permissions I believe it is worth it.
What should be improved instead are the guidelines where users are told to follow instructions like "set chmod to 755".