Perfecting Size In Bytes

Been looking long and hard for a windows explorer extension that did exactly what I wanted, and your "size in bytes" extension comes closest by FAR, it's almost perfect actually. There are just a few things I was wondering if you could possibly implement.
1) Right now Size In Bytes uses the comma (",") for a decimal mark; I would like to suggest using instead the dot/point (".") as decimal mark. This is the default decimal mark Windows uses; i.e., a 2 MB file is listed as being "2.048 KB". Which brings me to
2) Add the "B" for Byte(s) at the end of file size values. Right now the file size shows only as a number, without any added indicator signifying what unit the number is in. To re-use my earlier example, a 2 MB file would by default by listed as "2.048 KB". With Size In Bytes, it would currently be listed as "2,097,152"; no "B" to signify that we're dealing with Byte(s).

My request would be to have the example 2 MB file not be listed as
but as
"2.097.152 B"
3) For my final feature request I would like to request the option to enable/disable Size In Bytes, leaving me the option to easily switch back to viewing files by the default Windows-assigned unit of size. An alternative could be to not replace the existing values, but add separate ones, and to have i.e. a separate column for size in bytes. But from what I've heard this is not possible due to something with a certain API being removed in windows versions later than Windows XP, correct?

Hey there, has anyone read this yet?  :lol: