FTP site tabs


I use SmartFTP to upload changes to a bunch of websites, meaning that I often have numerous FTP connections open in parallel. There's only enough space on my screen to see about three FTP site tabs at once - I often have to carefully click the little left/right arrows to scroll through the tabs to find the one I'm after.

Would it be possible to let me click on an FTP site name tab and edit the name, please? Ideally I'd like SmartFTP to remember the new name when I close a tab or exit the program.


The tab title is constructed as following:
[name of favorite]/path

The path part is usually cut off and not displayed. Wouldn't it solve your problem if you would rename the favorite?


I have the same problem and have been wondering how to "shorten" the tab names. Is there any way to have the tab only display the favorite name and NOT the /path?

Hello ..

The path is cut off if the tab is not wide enough. So I'm not exactly sure what would be the difference?


> The path part is usually cut off and not displayed. Wouldn't it solve your problem if you would rename the favorite?

Thanks Mat.

I don't currently use favorites: I open sites from the drop down 'recently used' site list, and then leave them open indefinitely since I am working on the same set of sites all the time.

I'll explore favorites to see if that helps.


You can access your favorites in the menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. Then look in the Quick Connect folder.

OK, I've found the quick connect folder I'm using under SmartFTP > Client 2.0 > Favorites.old I guess it wasn't moved when I upgraded to v3.

With a bit of cutting-and-pasting and at one stage crashing and re-starting the program (I think it crashed when I deleted the last entry in the Favorites.old directory), I've renamed and moved the old favorites to the Quick Connect directory. I've also managed to get them in the drop-down ('most recently used'?) list by connecting to them.

But now I still have the problem that the tab name includes the open directory, not just the short favorite name. With too many tabs open for the available tab space, it doesn't shrink to just the favorite name as I thought you said it would.

So after all that messing around, I'm not much better off.

The tabs have a minimal width. Even if you only set it to the favorite name their width will not shrink.


Oh well, at least I can see some extra tabs now.

Thanks for your help Mat.