Version Management & Double click Upload

A useful feature in SmartFTP would be a version management system. such a system would place files (either locally or remotely) in a designated folder of choice instead of being overwritten - This is useful in a multi-user environment so work is never lost when overwritten, it could be retrieved. Such a feature should have a size limit implemented as well as people probably wouldn't want to keep multiple gigabyte files in a version repository.

This feature would probably lead to more sales for smartftp for groups because it would allow a safer environment to work within.

Another feature that SmartFTP needs, I know it's been mentioned a lot - is double click uploads.

The FTP/SFTP protocol is not designed for version management. Protocols as svn, webdav, cvs, git, etc are much more suitable for this.


I am not so knowledgeable about this matter. So i have to learn it. Thanks for the post.

pret auto

Hello. I've recently switched from CuteFTP Pro to SmartFTP, and would like to express my interest as well for the double click to upload feature. It would be great if it was an option in the settings.

The following key shorts may help:
Ctrl+I Copy selected items from one side to the other
Ctrl+J Move selected items from one side to the other

adding subversion and cvs support to smart ftp would be smart since there are no real no gui interface clients wich can be frustrating to winblows and mac users

xeveniah darkwind

Just adding my request for the double click to upload feature