Right-click -> Move File(s)

I right-click a file, or group of files/folders, I want to move those to another folder on the server.
Currently, as far as I can tell, the only way to do this is to open a whole new connection to the same server, in another tab, and then drag them wherever you want them. I'd much rather just right-click, choose a "move" menu item, have a mini dialog Explorer window of the server's folder structure, select the folder I want them moved to (with option to create a new folder), click an OK button, and have SFTP move them there.
Ability to "copy" added as well (possibly save use the local temp folder in the process) to copy the highlighted folders/files to the selected folder, leaving the originals in place, would be a bonus.

Right-click on the selection then select Cut in the context menu. Then go to the folder where you want to move the files to, right-click on an empty space and select Paste. Or alternatively right-click on the folder where you want to move the files to and select Paste from the context menu.