better focus handling, and byte size

I like SmartFTP better than most FTP softwares I tried so far, but there are two things that stop me from using it.
1. The focus handling is very poorly implemented. I would expect to be able to wheel-scroll only on hover over a specific listing/tree, there is no such feature. Even worse, clicking on a scrollbar doesn't move the focus to the listing, in fact I have to click Inside the box to move the focus. In the tree this effectively changes the active directory, and in the file listing this has other adverse effects I don't want to experience. Having to deal with these deffects everytime I need to scroll a listing is nothing but extremely embarrassing.
2. The file listing for local folders has no Bytes option for Size column! How is this possible in the first place, for an FTP program?! FileZilla has it, most other have this critical feature. It seems the program uses the underlying Explorer for local folders which is less than desirable, to say it politely. It would be Ok if there was a "Bytes" option for local views file sizes.
3. Option to remove the middle toolbar that transfers files etc. It wastes toooo much space, most people I know use keyboard shorcuts for these actions, and this toolbar wastes valuable space that could be used to see more of my valuable information - files and folders.

We cannot see the problems you are reporting. The behavior is different/correct here.
The Local Browser uses the same implementation as the Windows Explorer. We have written a small addon to display the file size in bytes:
This works system wide.
I don't think with today's screen area the 50 pixels width of this bar should be a problem.

Thanks for posting.
About the screen size, I'm on 1920x1200, but that's not a reason for another unhideable toolbar. I got used with another old versioned client over the years, where the toolbars are (can be) cut down to just a single main toolbar, as a result I can see 23 (!) files/fiolders in both local and remote views (in top<->bottom layout). Here with all these spaces and toolbars and high headers, I can see barely the half. And then again, why it can't be removed, after all I've never ever used toolbar buttons to move/download files between panes, and this toolbar wastes very notable 32 pixels of vertical estate (and 1920 in width) just for a couple of 16x16 buttons. Please reconsider an option for the user to be able to remove this useless toolbar in the future. I know this exact toolbar is so modern in many of today's ftp clients but this doesn't make it compulsory. It adds to the clutter for many users. Yes, 50 (even the 32 in top-bottom layout) px is just too much for a useless toolbar, even on 24". This is almost 3% never used space. Remember - the ergonomy tells, everything matters and can be distracting, what about this big toolbar that is surely not used by the majority of power users. :)
But this is not a big thing to complain about, after all at least some toolbars can be disabled.
I've tested the trial on two machines, the focus issue is present in both. If I have clicked in the remote file list, it is scrolled with the wheel. If I move over another list, it continues to scroll the last clicked list no matter the cursor position. If I click on a scrollbar in another list, the focus for the wheel is not moved to the clicked scrollbar's list. I know many programs with that behavior (they need to be programmed to scroll dynamically the list under the cursos withouht even being clicked), but I can live with that if there wouldn't be a need to click inside the full-row-select tree and change inadvertently the current folder.
About the size in bytes, thanks. It seems it works, but I guess it would be too much if I complain that it doesn't separate the thousands and it's almost as hard as before, now to tell apart the kilobytes/megabytes/gigabytes parts. Also the feature is switchable only by (de)installing the MSI installer in Windows.
Are you trying on a registered version? Are there some hidden differences between the two? By the way, it's the x64 version.
Also, I'm sorry, this is not a bugreport section, but in top-bottom layout there is a glitch in scroll position of the local view.
After startup, it recreates my local browsers (2 tabs) in full window. The current browser displays a folder from the last time and the tree spans almost the whole height of the wiindow and the currently selected folder is somewhere at the bottom of the tree. Then I open a remote browser (connection) which appears at the top. Then the local browser shrinks to half the height, and its tree hides the selected folder on the left - it remains at its scrolltop zero position and the selected folder is out of view. This forces me to go through the pain of the scrolling/focus issue to bring the selected folder into view. Again, just a small glitch.

>Splitter toolbar
You can disable it: menu: View->Toolbars->Quick Transfer
Clicking on a scroll bar does not set the focus to this window. This is the Windows UI behavior and makes sense because you do not always want to lose the focus when scrolling in another window.
I have noticed that some applications (e.g. Chrome) which are using a SDI always route the mouse wheel messages to the main window even if another window (e.g. address input box) is focused. In that case using the mouse wheel inside the address input box will scroll the main window / page.
However with a MDI (e.g. SmartFTP or IE) where there is no distinctive main window (e.g. multiple panes) it is not feasible to implement this kind of magic routing like Chrome does. I hope this explains why you are seeing different behaviors with different UI paradigms.
Please install the latest version (uninstall the old one first). The value is now formatted according to the number format settings:

Wow, how did I miss that option :rolleyes: about the quick transfer toolbar.... now it's better.
The focus - yes, I understand it's a design limitation. Nevertheless there should be a way to avoid that embarrassment - to make a tree scrollable, you click inside, which also changes the current folder (unless you are always careful enough to click on the tiny row with the current folder) - very annoying.
In another ftp client (old version) it was programmed so that clicking inside the box (even on scrollbar), it becomes highlighted and active for everything and doesn't change the current folder because of the no-full-row-select defaults. The new major version changed that to worse (among an array of other things). I guess you can guess which program I'm talking about.
Bytesizes - yes, thanks. Commas to separate thousands should do it. And no separate install in Windows to make all this work :) .
Again, not the right place, but I'll use the post for another glitch.
Sometimes when I start the program, it separates my automatically-restored-local-browsers (only, and not the remotes) tabs in two or three tab groups, and not a single full-window group with 2 tabs.
Now I started it and my two tabs (C:\download, and E:\temp\skype in this case) from the last time, are in two groups single-tabbed. top-bottom layout. Now if I open a remote connection, it appears as the second tab in the top group next to the one local browser.
I want my local browser tabs at the bottom, and the remotes only, at the top.
This seems to happen rarely, and maybe pinned down to when the first startup after booting into Windows.
Aahh, now I reproduced it - this happens also If I don't close the remote tab before closing the program. I have two local tabs at the bottom, and one remote (not-connected) at the top. The settings are to only restore local browsers at startup. Now I close program, reopen, and both tabs are in two groups top<->bottom, instead of two tabs in one group as I left it before closing.
Otherwise, I like the interface and that it has the Office 2010 dark theme :) . Also resising the temptation (I guess) to introduce the awful and space-wasting ribbon some others have.

Yes, restoring only the local browsers now works as expected, in one tabs-group.
As to size in bytes, now I saw it affectes Windows Explorer, Control panel programs and features, et all. This can be good and bad. In some places like Control panel I'd like the normal KB behavior, maybe because of the commas separators as defined in regional settings.
Anyway, a built-in option would be best, not affecting anything else in the system, with thousands-separation.
The focus issue ... one can live with that somehow. Although there should be a way to make at least the titlebar of the box (the one that says "Folders") able to make the box as focused when clicked.