A few small things

  • The 'SmartFTP Client x.x Setup Files' directories are a little messy -- can these files perhaps be stored in the Windows temp directory instead? (I have three of these setup directories already.)
  • The default theme is fugly -- can it maybe be changed to 'Office 2003' or at least 'Native Windows' by default? (Similar request here.)
  • Is it possible to add entries to the log window newline first? While the newline is added afterwards, there is always an empty line, which doesn't look so great.
Thanks for listening.


As well as making the native theme the default theme, I've documented the messy aftermath of upgrading SmartFTP (scroll to the bottom). After upgrading to 3.0 I now have 4 folders created by SmartFTP in Program Files:
  1. Smart FTP (original install location)
  2. SmartFTP Client (3.0 installed here. It deleted all but the downloaded installers in the original location. So it knew where I had installed to but it chose somewhere else as the default.)
  3. SmartFTP Client 2.5 Setup Files (upgrading from 2.0 to 2.5)
  4. SmartFTP Client 2.5 Setup Files (upgrading from 2.5 to 3.0)
Glad it's not just me who wants these things done right! Great minds think alike...or fools seldom differ?

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate it a lot.