Permission Attr.


I would love to see a number permission attri. (e.g. 666, 777 for writable) in the recent FTP programs.. I have been looking for this in all FTP programs available on the net but with no luck.. I began using an FTP program called Crystal FTP (Stopped their project, i don't know why) and still am because it has this number system and it is easy to use.. I would love to see some other FTP programs use this method as well..

I hope my comment isn't too frank with mentioning other FTP programs just to get to the point

Thanks for this popular FTP program which i would love to have a number permission system


What's wrong with the current Properties / CHMOD dialog? You can enter numerical Unix mode bits there ... if you cannot, you're probably running a (very) updated version. Try the beta of the upcoming version 2.0 (also see my footer).

I tried Smart FTP long time back but i didn't see this numeric system available.. I just downloaded version 2.0 as you said and will check for that


Try Commands->Properties/CHMOD or right click on item and use Properties/CHMOD.

Yea i know it is there when you click on the file and try to change the permissions (I didn't know it was there) but what would really be excellent to see, is the numeric values display with the normal attributes (Next to it, in the following column); next to "-r--r--r--"... I would love to see that

p.s. I tried Beta 2.0 but i don't know what is wrong, i cannot connect.. I am just so used to my old program i guess i missed something out (Eventhough connecting to FTP sites are too easy) Do i need any key or purchase?

I like the GUI of SmartFTP..

Okay, got it, so you would like to see a new details column that displays numerical permissions. Quite uncommon, and I doubt it will be implemented (try to convince Mike ;-)

Regarding SmartFTP 2.0, you do not need to buy a license to evalualte all features, it is free for educational / private (non-commercial) use just as version 1.5 is. If you cannot get it to work, open another thread with a proper bug report.