I would like to see color coding of files from version 1.x restored

Color coding is a great option. I used it all the time. In a constantly changing environment, you could quickly see what had been modified. For those who thought this was confusing, maybe you could make it available as a parameter under the 'settings' menu item.
Please bring it back.


Sorry, this is *not* possible anymore. In SmartFTP 1.x, it used to be the case that files / folders that were new since the last directory listing were colored differently. This feature has (unfortunately) been removed in SmartFTP 2.x, because several users found it confusing. If you would like to see this feature (as an option) in SmartFTP 2.x again, please file a Feature Request in the forum.

I would love to see this feature come back too!

I was looking through the options the other day trying to find the place where you switch it on, until I found this thread. I definitely think it should be added as an option.