Timestamps / Local file conditions on File Exists

Since 3.x Ive had problems making SmartFTP set the correct timestamp on remote files when uploading. Ive tried adjusting timezones etc but without any luck.


I was thinking about the File Exists settings. Its limited to only checking timestamp differences on the remote file.
I would love to see if it also could check the local file.

because in my case its only really relevant if the local file has changed last day or so. Because I work with a whole set of files
and then upload them to multiple servers at the end of the day. And the files changed only recently is the only ones that I need to upload.

Could this be a feature in a future release?


SmartFTP sets the remote file time (by default) to the date/time of the source file. This only works if your server actually supports this feature. I guess in your case it doesn't since the file time is not set.

They do support it. But it always sets the time -1 hour off. Server is PureFTPd.
I've tried fiddeling with timezone settings, +1 and -1 but without luck. I'm confused.

do you want to see some logs of some sort?

[13:31:14] MDTM 20080821121431 article.php
[13:31:14] 550 Can't check for file existence
[13:31:14] MFMT 20080821121431 article.php
[13:31:14] 500 Unknown command
[13:31:14] SITE UTIME article.php 20080821121431 20080821121431 20080821121431 UTC
[13:31:14] 250 UTIME OK

but the time changes to 13.31, not 14.31.

Ps. Maybe we should move this thread to Bugs or premium support ...

It's a bug in the PureFTPd server product. Please read more about it here:
https://www.smartftp.com/forums/Visual-C ... 15293.html

My personal recommendation would be to use another FTP server product. The developer seems to have abandoned the project.


Thanks Mat. I have contacted my ISP and threaten them to change software =)