Carriage Return / New Line Options

Could we have an option when the user automatically transfers ascii text files to a unix system, that it removes the \r.

For example
Dos/Windows to Unix > translate \r\n to \n
Unix to Dos > translate \n to \r\n

When I upload scripts using hummingbird ftp, it automatically understands this. Have issues with a far end program, which dies when it sees the \r\n.


That's exactly what the ASCII / Binary section in the settings is there for (find it under Tools -> Settings, Transfer).

The better solution is to use an editor on Windows which understand Unix line endings. If you transfer in ASCII mode you loose a lot of benefits (integrity check, size check, etc).
I personally use Ultraedit but there are many other editors (free as well) which can handle unix line endings correctly.


I use ultra edit as well. I see that they offer a line terminator option in 'save as', button. I guess that's new in this version. Not sure it was a coincidence, but it was strange that the other FTP program I using automatically did this some how, as I didn't have issues with that one.

Thanks for the tips - I'm impressed with the support!


Let me make a few notes here:

1) SmartFTP can also automatically convert the files, as I tried to show in my first post. By default however, only *.pl (Perl) files get automatically converted. You may add any other file types in the settings. The other FTP program you have used just converted all ASCII files automatically, no matter what the extension is. SmartFTP's settings are a little more fine grained here.

2) You can also convert line endings in UltraEdit by choosing File -> Conversions -> <TargetFormat>. At least this menu entry has been there a long time.

Great! Thanks for the feedback!