LeechFTP Like Multiple Downloads

I've noticed (maybe I just don't know what I'm doing) that multithreading in SmartFTP requires each thread to connect to the server. That's a lot of lag time (especially on a wireless connection, which I'm on when I'm at work). I know that FTP uses a 'control' connection to send commands back and forth and opens additional 'data' connections to transfer file lists, files, and other data. If I am correct, one control connection can be used to manage multiple data connections, which, if implemented, would get rid of the connection lag time completely and allow really fast multithreaded downloads. I know that it is possible because LeechFTP did it, and I could download hundreds of small files (mostly source code) in minutes over a cable connection. I recommend that this feature be introduced into the program, and would also like it to be automatic (click + drag = multithreaded downloads/uploads).

You are wrong, one control connection can handle only one data conection.

Then how could LeechFTP have done multiple file uploading and downloading so fast?

It's your imgination that it was faster.