Directory tree - "Set as root" option

In the local browser, if you click on a directory, have an option called "Set as Root". This would then make this directory the top directory in the directory tree. I saw this in a freeware Acdsee clone called Faststone. It works really nicely. There's another right-click option called "Set desktop as root", that restores it to normal.

What would this be good for? If you just want the local browser to start in a specific driectory for a specific site, go to the site's favorite settings and specify a "Local Folder" under "General" -> "Local".

It's less for functionality - more for keeping the local folder tree view tidier. If you're working on a project (for example a website), where you're constantly uploading files, then it would be really nice to have just your project's directories visible in the local folder view. Currently because my C drive has lots of directories in it - my project appears halfway down the page. I don't want (or need) to see every directory on my C drive together with every directory on my desktop and every drive on my computer.

Take a look at Faststone to see what I mean - this functionality works really nicely. You can download it from here.

I know FastStone but I don't particularly like it ... ;-)