Enhancement to "in-place" edit


Would you consider adding a feature to SmartFTP to allow to edit multiple files at the same time? Currently I need to open several instances, which isn't very nice...

Maybe adding a separate window or panel that lists current edits?

The only other software that I know does this is WS_FTP, and I think CuteFTP Pro too, but WS only allows one edit at a time (for multiple files), which is useless, and I don't like CFTP very much... I think Internet Neighborhood does it too, but it's a hog...

I appreciate your nice work!


Ivan V.

There is a new feature "Monitor Local File" in the latest version:

Add some files to the Transfer Queue which you want to upload. Then right-click on the queue item, select "Schedule" from the context menu and enable "Monitor Local File". Now every time the file changes on your local computer it's scheduled for upload.


That's a nice feature!

Still, that requires me to first download all the files I want to edit, and then do what you instruct, which would be pretty cumbersome given that I'd do it a lot (for different files). I can see how that would be very useful when I'm working on a project, as I can work on my local copy and see the changes reflected right away.

I hope you do consider my original request.

Ivan V.