Automatically adding date to downloaded file

It would be nice to setup the option to add a %date% or timestamp to a file download automatically.

I have multiple websites hosted for people and I run a cron job everyday to do a complete backup of the .HTML directory for each virtual directory. This backup.tar.gz file resides in a private directory that I go and pull down every day. What I would like SmartFTP to do is to allow me an option to change my destination filename to include a date and or time stamp diffentiating it from the file I just downloaded the previous day and helping me not have to manually rename it after it completes.

I have not been able to do this in the latest version - maybe the next version could include controls to do this?

Otherwise I am liking what I see of the program so far as I test it out.

There is an unofficial feature. Unofficial because there will be some problems with resume.
You can use the following the path specifier for a local path in a Transfer Queue item.

Important: Replace % with *

// %a Abbreviated weekday name
// %A Full weekday name
// %b Abbreviated month name
// %B Full month name
// %d Day of month as decimal number (01