Upload to multiple ftp servers with one click

When right-clicking on files in the local browser and selecting SmartFTP you're presented with the possibilities to select
what open ftp-connection you want to upload the selected directories/files to.

My feature request/enhancement is new a menu item to upload to _ALL_ open ftp connections. This would help a lot if you're for example
updating multiple servers with the same files, like I do very often when I update different websites.
Now I have to manually click every item (server) in the menu , one by one, which is getting
really tough since the number of websites I update increases dramatically.

I hope this feature gets in, would help me out a lot. Others users too I hope.

If anyone know of any other software that does this please let me know.

Thanks for a otherwise great piece of software. Keep up the good work!


Is it only me that needs this function ?

I think this would be useful and pretty easy to implement.

thanks vitoshabg!

I would now like to here mb's opinion on this ...

Hello ..

A feature like that is planned. But no ETA yet.


Hello ..

A feature like that is planned. But no ETA yet.


Is it possible to "emulate" this functionality with the schedule feature ?
And keep the schedules permanently stored ?

Do you have an ETA for this feature yet?

You can write a small script using the SmartFTP SDK which can add items to the transfer queue programmatically. For more information about the SDK take a look there: https://www.smartftp.com/forums/index.ph ... 484&hl=SDK
You will find a few samples which should help you to get started.

There is no ETA for the feature yet. Usually if we allocate resources to a feature it will be implemented within a week or two.


Thanks Mat. This will help alot.

The Multi Upload feature should be a good substitute for your request.