Automated synchronization of multiple sites

Hi SmartFTP Team!

Here my suggestion(s):
Most important: Automated synchronization of multiple sites e.g. for getting access-logs from many predefined websites at ones ... or just for backups of a complete server with many sites. (I think this is one of the most common uses for FTP Clients ... though until now one has to do it by hand... opening every favorite and moving the logs/backups separately)

The best option would be a dedicated synchronization panel with remote and local destinations for multiple sites.
On the other hand one could do it if SmartFTP had a scripting engine ... but IMHO this appeals to just a small amount of users out there...

- Thumbnail preview for many formats.
- Office 2007 interface (like somebode already stated)
- a simple but good, UTF-capable and most importantly built-in editor

Best wishes,