Save interface settings

Something I've never seemingly been able to do is lock down the interface settings I have for SmartFTP. That is, I want it so that every FTP connection I ever add always puts the toolbars in the same place, the name/type/size/date columns all the width I like, etc. It always seems to reset them.

A way to get it how I like it and then save it so it applies that to all future and existing connections would be a good addition.

What is not saved?


The columns. Whenever I add a new connection (which is all the time, being a web designer), they all revert to the original ones which aren't an ideal width. For each new connection I have to trim it down to just three columns (name/size/date) and then stretch them to the sizes I want.

It'd be a really nice addition if all new connections could just use it the last way I set it, rather than seemingly using a separate setting for each and every connection.

I thought it was doing it for the toolbars in each connection too (search, etc), but it looks like those are actually just based on the last way you had them which is fine. Pretty much how I'd like the columns to work, in fact.

Note that I operate SmartFTP in a single-window view so I'm referring only to remote view here.

Maybe this option does exist but I've not been able to find it.