Vista Like GUI in 3.0

Please god, get rid of this or let us select XP themes. I wanted to throw up when I saw this. The Vista explorer and the copy/move/overwrite/replace dialogs and other Vista GUI "enhancements" were the biggest step backwards in computing history....ever.

I cannot stand them. They are too big, obstrusive and not intuitive. At least provide an XP style theme please. I like SmartFTP and want to continue using it, but I hate the Vista look-and-feel that much (I've already removed Vista and reinstalled XP and thrown out my copy of Vista) that I won't use SmartFTP if it doesn't let this change.


Should be noted, I know I can change the theme, but it's not just the theme. It's the Information Bars, the Copy/Replace prompts, etc.

There are plenty of themes as well as the default windows theme:


The default setting, I think, should be Native Windows. That way it will look like the OS the user chose. If a user doesn't want SmartFTP to match the OS, the dropdown lets them change that.