Visual Compare tweak

Hi, I apologize if someone else has already suggested this. I've been a SmartFTP user for years, and I've enjoyed using the Visual Compare feature in previous versions. It not only prevents errors but feeds my OCD tendencies. However, I too have run afoul of the timestamp problem someone else mentioned: the file shows up as a mismatch because my server uses its upload time instead of the file's actual modification time.
I know I can click a Visual Compare setting to ignore date and time completely. But that's not very useful to me. I modify the same webpages for years.
Could there be a way to compare by date but not by time? I generally get my webpages uploaded on the same day I've modified them, so this would at least give me a ballpark idea of whether or not the page is out of date.

It would be better if you switch to a web hosting provider which offers either SFTP or FTP with MFMT command support. Please note that these protocols are more than a decade old and there is no excuse for your web hosting provider not to offer them.