Pageant support

It would be great if SmartFTP supported SSH Private Key retrieval from Putty's pageant application. Pageant is an SSH authentication agent that holds private keys in memory.  Yes, I am fully aware of the security considerations and trade-offs that this entails but still would use this feature if it was available.  I manage a large number of disparate servers (where Kerberos is not an option) where, from time to time, I need to flip from machine to machine examining and transferring files so typing in the long passphrase everytime is not welcome.  Pageant support would allow me to do this without all the hassle while still allowing me to lock down the private keys when I'm done.  As an aside, I note that filezilla supports it (I prefer the SmartFTP interface). 
Is there a chance Pageant support could be added?  Thanks.

With the latest version of SmartFTP you can now import private key files into the Windows certificate store:
Favorite Properties
SSH - Authentication dialog
Select Personal certificate store
Then click on Import key file
Once the private keys have been imported they can only be exported if the user has Administrator privileges.