Simple interface option

There was a ton of stuff added from 1.5 to 2.0 - so much so, in fact, that with all the tabs and windows and other stuff open when you do a fresh install of Smart FTP 2.0 you can't even see the local and remote file windows!

Either all this extra stuff should be turned off by default, or some sort of "simple" setup is needed for the interface so that it's easy to turn off. The clutter is really bad.

All I want is my 2.0 GUI to look just like my 1.5 GUI. No frills!

My old 1.5 GUI:
The GUI for a fresh install of 2.0:

How about you close all the windows you don't need? e.g. Transfer Queue?


That's not what I asked. I shouldn't have to close all the silly windows. The program should open and - tada - it should be immediately usable with zero configuration.

I'm a developer, my friend, but I learned the hard way a long time ago that a poor user interface will utterly and completely destroy a program. It doesn't matter if it's the single best program ever coded in the history of man. If people can't use it, or have to be bothered to use it, they won't use it.

I want my UI to look like 1.5. If there's an option to get rid of the new skin in 2.0, I looked, but couldn't find it. In addition, you should not have all the tabs open by default. It's very bad form.