Shared Favorates List

In my office we have 8 web designers.

We currently use Bulletproof and are evaluating SmartFTP

This program works better then any FTP program i have used in the past. I love the features and capabilities of it and think it is a great program.

There is one thing stopping me from using this software.

My office has a need to be able to share the favorates list on a local file server so that all the designers can access all the ftp sites without having to maintain local copies of it on each computer.

I have tried changing the application data and favorates location and it does work in a shared environment with one exception.

If you add an FTP site (Favorate) it does not save it because the file is being accessed across the network by a different user.

I am not sure if the Favorates folder saves on exit but i have a feeling it does becuase if i exit the ftp program and open it up again it does not see the new ftp site.

I am not sure what can be done to make this better... but i would like to get some feedback on what could be done to allow our designers to use this functionality.