SmartFTP for Mac


I think this has been requested in the past, but I just wanted to add my voice. Sorry for harping on about this

I've been using SmartFTP for a long time and I am the happy owner of a Pro licence. Unfortunately I'm about to change platform and use a Mac instead of PC, and I just realise there is no Mac version.

SmartFTP is the only software that I'll dearly miss. So I'll be looking forward to renewing my licence when a Mac version comes out. Hopefully it will come soon.

Thanks for a great product.



I have been using Smart FTP for a while now and love it. But, I am changing platforms and am very sad to know that there is no Mac version!! I have a Mac at work and that is where I do all of my website updates but I do have a PC at home. It is just very inconvenient to have to wait until I get home to use the SmartFTP client especially when all my files are on my Mac. It would be awesome to have a Mac version and i am sure there are many who agree with me. Please make a Mac version since all the available FTP clients for a Mac are not that great and I really do not want to use another one. Thank you.

This has been raised in the past, seems like the developer team has a bias against Macs, but that's just speculation.
Either way, it would be a good addition.
If there was a 25% discount when buying/updating two licenses for two platforms, I'd be happy to pay.