Action after Queue completes

I like that you can have a long queue of transfer jobs, and set SmartFTP to "switch off PC" after the jobs complete. Very handy, because I have some big upload jobs that I set going in the evening, and they only complete when I'm fast asleep.

However, what I find is that the next time I go into SmartFTP, the queue starts off again (I have a list of jobs permanently in my queue on "monitor"), and after the queue completes the computer suddenly and without warning shuts down! Obviously, the setting is still on "switch off PC" from the last time.

What would be good is if you could set "Stop Queue and then Shut Down", so that the queue is stopped the next time you open up SmartFTP (and you don't run the risk of losing stuff when the computer suddenly shuts down).

Or some other solution to prevent this from happening.