Hotkey for file upload.

Hi guys, you're doing a great job on this app.

Using SmartFTP is a real pleasure. I have an idea which will make it even more easy to use, at least for me.
I've noticed that you can upload file by right clicking it, go to SmartFTP and choose on of the available connections.
I was wondering if a hotkey can be added for each connection through the edit favorites dialog.
So, with just selecting file and pressing for example Ctrl+U you're file is uploaded with the connection which has this hotkey set.
I hope this will be a piece of cake.

OK, that was my proposal, I'll be happy to see it implemented in some future version.

Best regards and keep up the good work.

Ctrl+I = copy
Ctrl+J = move

I meant when you are browsing with windows explorer, not within the SmartFTP.
But that's useful too, thanks.