Queued Upload Interleaving


I use SmartFTP to upload all the old video & mp3 files I havn't used in a while to a linux server I have.

My lan is Gigabit so all the transferrs I do are IO Bound on my XP box since the drives in it are single.
My linux server has RAID so there is still plenty of IO left on it not limiting the transfer speed.

I was wondering if you could set up the global upload queue so that when I am using 2 threads and am uploading files off my C:\ and my D:\ The first thread takes files off C:\ and the 2nd thread takes files off D:\.

I am currently getting 15% network utilisation with a single thread and about 4% with 2 threads on the same hdd, but when I shuffle the queue by hand so that a file off each drive is outgoing at the same time my network use jumps to 25%.