Suggested Enhancements

I almost love SmartFTP, it is way better than the built-in facilities in Visual Studio. However there are a couple of things that could make it perfect.

1/ I'd like another colour option for Visual Compare.

For some reason it has proven extraordinarily difficult to get my server changed so that when I FTP a document to the server it retains its timestamp. Instead, the timestamp is the datetime of upload, so is always different to the source file.

Currently Visual Compare offers only three options, Same, Different, or Ophan. I'd like another colour option, "Less than". If I have a file in my test system with a date of 1st April, and the production system is greater than 1st April, then I am reasonably confident that I have the correct version in production.

Of course I realise that this is not as good as setting the server up correctly and using "equal", in particular it won't be much help if there are several people in the development team with their own versions, but for me with a single development copy and a single production copy this would completely solve my probelm.

2/ Folder synchronization.

A feature that I like in Visual Studio is that as you move around in the test folders, the production folders move in the same way. For example, imagine that you are displaying the base folder, you see in both sites

Click on Folder1 in the test system, and folder 1 opens in BOTH test and production. Also, you're now looking at Folder1, and you click Up on either side: both go back to the base folder.

I have screwed up more than once with SmartFTP by getting my test and production folders out of synch and loading stuff into the wrong folder.

Of course you'll need an option to move one site independently, but this would normally be the exception rather than the default.

Thank you for thinking about this,
Robert Barnes.