Ability to create right-click server commands items to send to server.

Would be nice if we could send raw server commands to the server by creating our own otems in the right-click context menu.
i.e. I highlight a file.zip, right-click and select "Raw Commands", it pops out any custom subitems I've created, in this case I'd have an "Unzip" item. When I click that sends the command "unzip file.zip" (the file.zip would probably need to be a variable such as %1).
The raw commands could be any command a linux server takes, including any params. I tried doing "unzip file.zip" in the same folder as a file.zip using the current "Command Line" that's in SFTP and nothing at all happened. Plus, I would have to manually type any raw commands each time, if it did already work, instead of some nice, clickable, custom commands.

Once you are connected to an FTP server you can find the custom commands menu in the main menu:
File - Custom Commands
A dedicated menu item in the item context menu is not planned as the custom commands are only used by a few users.