Properties and Delete Icons

Can you move the PROPERTIES and DELETE icons in the "URL name server drop down window to the LEFT side.

Reason is, when I drop down the window, and lower my mouse to click the quick connect I want, I keep landing on either the delete or properties icon and deleting or opening the properties of the server I am trying to connect with!

I know it may seem incidental, but it does become annoying. Sure I could just take some extra time to make sure where my mouse cursor is, but I want speed baby!! LOL


Thanks for listening.

It's a new feature many users appreciate. The icons are positioned 20 pixel to the left to avoid an accidental click when using the combo drop down button.

Just be more careful where you click :-)


dontg et me wrong, I like the additon of them, it is just I keep clicking them...I do the same thing on the new version if IE and its drop down...if it where to the LEFT of the link I wouldnt do that....

We will see if we can add a timer which would make the icons show after a short delay (1s).

Please try the new build. There now a 700ms timer before the icons are displayed.