Separate Details panel

Is is possible to make Details panel separate from Windows Explorer?

I mean, when you turn it off in SmartFTP, it turns off for whole system which is not good.
I do need it in my system, but don't in SmartFTP.

I'm sorry but I do not understand your question.

In SmartFTP you have View -> Panels -> Details item which turns on/off a details panel. It shows some info about file or folder.
Windows Explorer has the same panel on the bottom of the window (Organize -> Layout -> Details pane).

If I turn off details panel in SmartFTP, then it'll turn off in Windows Explorer as well.
At least, such as the behavior in Windows 7.

Now you got me?

The setting in SmartFTP does not affect the setting in Windows Explorer.

So you probably think I am an idiot and just messing around? :-)

Trust me it DOES affect. I turn off details panel in SmartFTP, the same panel turns off in Windows Explorer.
You may want to test in on Windows 7 if you didn't.

Yes you are right, on Windows 7 the control always saves its state into the registry without our control. Unlike in Windows Vista, Microsoft doesn't give us a chance to provide our own registry key.

So is it possible to fix this issue?

It is not a bug, the control just has no documented way to specify the registry key. But there is most likely an undocumented method as this was the case on Windows Vista.

OK, I guess you'll keep this in mind and find the way to make it work on Windows 7.
This is not big deal, just a little annoyance.

The new build will take care of this problem.

Looks like it works properly now.

Thank you for the best support ever!
Well, that's pretty normal for you :-)