Could use a version to send to dummies to get files from

Hi. My first time ever on a forum, so I don't know any rules!

I am always having to get files that are too large to email from folks who are computer clueless.

I would buy in a heart beat a shareware version of SmartFTP that installed as an icon (no choices) on someone's desktop that had my ftp settings only. All they would have to do is drag a file onto the icon and off it goes to me. No setup whatsoever on their part.

When the icon is clicked, it brought up the normal SmartFTP.

Do you have it already, or could you make it ...please, please.

If there is another product out there that does this, I am not aware of it...and I have looked.


Me again...

And it allowed me on my end to make custom storage setups.

And when their icon is clieked, it opened their place on my ftp, for them to review what they have already sent me, and to delete & replace files.

All set up for absolute dummies, (very little, if any, choices to make).