Change speed limits for upload/download on the fly


I just downloaded and started using SmartFTP.

It would be nice if speed limits for upload/download could be changed without restarting SmartFTP. I am currently in the situation of being in the middle of an upload of a file which uses all my upload bandwith available. Now I would need some upload bandwith to do other work. Unfortunately I'd have to restart SmartFTP now to get my upload speed limit setting get in effect, which would break the upload of file.

Thanks! Have a nice day everyone!

There is no need to restart SmartFTP. Restarting the transfer is enough. But I understand your request.


In fact, you're right. I've tried it. I have stopped transfer, changed upload speed limit setting and started transfer again. As ftp server supports resume of unfinished transfers my file transfer continued at my new upload speed!! Thank you!