Total Files

1. I would love to see a total file log where it shows you how many files you are currently selecting to upload and how many you have already uploaded, something like this maybe where it shows in the first part how many files have already been uploaded and the second part shows the number of files that you have total. The third part shows how many files remain to be uploaded.

12/36	12 files remaining

2. Total remaining time left, a countdown that estimates the total amount of time remaining for the files to be uploaded, you have this for a single file but a bulk remaining would be nice.

3. Complete list of files to transfered, when you drag a folder onto your remote server it brings up a list of every file under that folder and sub-folders that is going to be transfered and shows its status of transfer whether it has already finished or pending or currently downloading, giving the user a option to show file on list if finished downloading or to clear file off "transfer list" when finished.

4. A percentage and percentage bar for the entire amount of selected files (going along with the rest of the theme of this topic)